The Pharaoh v. The Modern Day Leaders, Farook Aman, Ottawa **


The Pharaoh v. The Modern Day Leaders, Farook Aman, Ottawa **

Ramses, the Egyptian Pharaoh, considered himself God. He ruled with an iron, harsh and merciless fist. He arbitrarily chose for his people the path of life they had to follow. He slept with whoever he wished. He thought that nature was his creation as he often bragged that land, rivers and mountains belonged to him. No one dared to challenge his might for whosoever dared became subject to receiving the Pharaoh’s wrath with callous punishment regardless of gender, colour or age.

The arrogance he demonstrated was part of his daily menu which he fed his people with. He built fortresses and surrounded himself with colossal guards to ward off the slightest thought of an offence.

Every word he uttered became law to follow and respect. Every action, noble or immoral was considered the ultimate choice of life. The Pharaoh was evil in motion, the likes of which no one could comprehend. Yet, whatever he said or done impacted his people to implement accept and serve loyally.


The fat-bellied counsellors, consultants and distinctive advisors, who served him loyally made sure that the people of Egypt exhibited loyalty too. They were around him every second of the day, eager to serve devotedly and loyally. The Pharaoh knew how to manipulate others and put the fear of god in the hearts of those who might repel or resist him openly or inconspicuously.


Injustice and confusion was rampant.  The Pharaoh rewarded those who were loyal and punished severely those who did not line up to support him. His administration staffs fed him with data about the enemy or would be enemy. Justifiably or not, he often chose to make the enemy agonize.


God sent Moses and his brother Haroun to the Pharaoh with a message which he conceitedly and arrogantly rejected. He demanded from Moses to prove that he was a messenger of God. Moses responded with miracles the likes of which no one has ever witnessed before.  Defiantly, the Pharaoh made fun of Moses and his brother, labelling them both as fake and corrupt news, cheap magicians, conjurers and illusionists in order to deceive ad lead the people on the wrong path of life. The people of Egypt sided with him and they too made fun of Moses and his miracles. They supported their master in disallowing Moses’s request to give freedom to the people of Israel.


The Pharaoh was destined to witness firsthand the wrath of God which descended upon his supporting folks in various forms of chastisements thereby impacting his huge estate and the families of his loyal enthusiasts. No one was spared except the Pharaoh himself where he would be on the receiving end of retribution at a later date to become an example to others.


The Pharaoh arrogantly pursued Moses and the people of Israel as they approached the sea which seemed to be a dead end to proceed forward. The sea in front (to sink and drown) or face the mighty enemy in the back to be crushed. With the grace of God, Moses performed the ultimate miracle of splitting the sea into two halves and allowed the people of Israel to march on dry land on the sea bed (instead of sea waves) to freedom. As the Pharaoh and his mighty troops tried to cross the sea, it suddenly crashed over them, thereby drowning them, including their leader, the Pharaoh. When the Pharaoh realized the end of his life, he evidently acknowledged and believed in the certainty of Moses’s message of god, hoping that his acknowledgement would spare him and god would save him. It was too late by then as his body was washed out to be a mark of evidence to his people that he was lifeless while Moses, with the grace of Mighty God, was alive and glowing.


This story reflects on those arrogant, corrupt and unjust leaders of modern day life such as Hitler, President Saddam Hussain, Emperor Shah of Iran, Haila Sallasy of Ethiopia. etc., to name few. Others such as the President of the so-called Free World specifically has not grasped the thought that god is Mighty and above all powers; He may give a chance (reprieve) but will not neglects. Sooner or later, God will address injustice and will castigate those leaders (and loyal followers) who deserve punishment.

Such leaders who disrespect humanity, neighbours, long-time allies, causing deliberate confusion, disunity and corruption, rewarding those who support him loyally and punish severely those who criticise or oppose. The daily sagas of uncontrolled emotions take precedent over humanity, justice, inciting violence against the minorities, the poor and the helpless.


A wise man once said something which applies and fits the mood of the Free World leader-

You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said or done. True power is to sit back and observe everything with respect, understanding and logic. True power is restrain. If words control you, it means that everyone else can.


This is a no-charge message of wisdom to Mr. Trump and company and all those leaders who reward corruption and punish justice. Let the pieces fall where they belong.  Take a lesson from the history of the mighty power of the Pharaohs which did not last, the Roman Empire which had its share of despondent termination. Hitler did not last and eventually took his life.  These are but few historical examples set as warnings to walk the true path, say the truth and yes, believe in the power of God.

No doubt, the Seat of Power can be corrupt and disengaging with reality. Modern day leaders must contemplate what their respective ending would be!

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About the author: Mr Farook Aman was born and brought up in a small town called British Aden Colony, now part of Yemen. He studied in the UK and acquired a degree in (Legal Administration). Upon returning back to Aden, after independence, Mr Aman suffered at the hands of the Socialist Communist regime that brutally ruled the renamed country of South Yemen. He attempted to defect, but was unfortunately captured at the border line heading north of the country and was thrown in jail.  God was with him when he was nominated for a United Nations scholarship, thereafter, to complete his Matser Degree. He immigrated to Canada. He now lives in Ottawa  with his wife, Marie Denise, Son Amir-Hamza and Daughter Layla. The  saddest moments in Mr Aman’s life and that of his family members was when their son, Tareq aged 19, was murdered in Ottawa during the New York 911 tragic events.  Tareq was murdered because his father’s origin, Middle Eastern!

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