Unique, hidden, miraculous characteristics of digit 9 (2nd part ), Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto


Unique, hidden, miraculous  characteristics of digit  9 (2nd part ), Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto

If digit “9” is multiplied by any single digit, two digit, three digit , four digit, five digit e.t.c  number ,  it always produce  a number in such a pattern  that either the  original number  “ 9” appears  there or  the sum of existing  digits in the result of multiplication is also “9” which also appears there  . But if” 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8” is multiplied by any two digit, three digit, four digit, five digit e.t.c  number, then   it does not produce  the same characteristic like “9”  or the original number  “2,3,4,5.6,7,8” e.t.c does not appear there. So digit “9” is the only single digit  unique, mysterious, miraculous number that appears in digital mathematics.

The unique  characteristic of “9” has been reflected in  only one element which is a highly reactive gas known as Fluorine  among total  118 elements that appear  in nature.  The atomic number of Fluorine  is “9”or  fluorine has got 9 proton in its nucleus.  Only the total  number of protons in nucleus which determines the characteristic of an element or all the  chemical properties of an element.   Fluorine is an unique or exceptional element which  react with all other  elements  that exist in nature  to form a compound .But other 117 elements react with only few elements but not react  with all other elements to form a compound.

The digit “9” has been plan fully chosen in the practice of principal & fundamental religious laws  like fasting, pilgrim , prayer e.t.c that appears from GOD  through last prophet of Islam.

Unique &  miraculous 9th month (Fasting month)  known  as  Ramadan according to lunar calendar

All the Muslim of the World from different languages  (50 Muslim majority countries, total Global Muslim population is more than 1.5 billion) observe fasting for one month in every year in the month of Ramadan which is 9th month of lunar calendar . This is an unique & miraculous event where more than at least 1 Billion people pass one particular this 9th month  (30 or 29 days ) according to lunar calendar every year  without food , water & all other foods  from Sun rise to Sun set. This is an unique example where  at least more than 1 billion people accept voluntary sufferings by the influence of GOD which is not noticed in all the other religions of the World & this type of accepting  voluntary sufferings is against normal human  nature.

Unique & miraculous 9th day known as 9th  Dhu Al  Hijjah of 12th month  according to lunar calendar  during pilgrim

Every year on 9th day (9th Jil Haj) of 12th    month according to lunar calendar more than 1 million people from all over the World are  gathering together in Arafat ground ( A place in Mecca of Saudi Arabia ) which is known as Haj or pilgrim of World Muslim population. This is another example of an unique  miraculous event where more than 1 million  people spending enormous amount of money, accept voluntary  sufferings like  dislocation due to remoteness from their  most  suitable comfortable  home ,beloved motherland , e.t.c  for the cause of   traveling overseas distance  which is more than  several 1000 Km  sometimes ,every year on 9th day of 12th lunar month to gather in Arafat ground in Mecca of Saudi Arabia. This type of event is not also noticed in all other religions  of the World.

“ Bismillahir Rahmaner Rahim “  which consist of 19 Arabic alphabets (“19” is an unique two digit miraculous number having hidden mathematical pattern as a result of multiplication  like digit “9”  ) which has been mentioned in  the beginning of all the other  113 suras among total 114 suras  except in the beginning of  sura Towba  (sura No 9 ) that exhibits an exception or an unique example in whole Holy Quran. May be ,attention has been drawn to digit “9”, by not mentioning ” “19”alphabets sentence (Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim ) at the beginning of Sura No 9 (Al Towba) of Holy Quran.

Utterance  of two consecutive  words (ALLAHU- AKBAR) which is composed of total  9 , (ALLAHU  5 alphabets + AKBAR  4 alphabets ) Arabic  alphabets in  the call for prayer (Azan) , during change of position in five times  daily prayers  & during pilgrim time every year. In Arabic word  ALLAHU , alphabet “alif’ (no-1 &  6 ) two  times, “Lam” (No 3 & 4) two times, “Ha” (No 7) one time , which shows total  5 Arabic  alphabets there. No 2 & no 5 are not alphabets, but are  diacritics which are used to pronounce the Arabic word correctly  .  In  Arabic word Akbar ,  Arabic alphabet  “alif’, “kaf”, “ba”, “ra” exist there &  each has been used one time only,  which exhibits  four Arabic letters there.  Sum 5+4 = 9.

Creatures like crawling insects (Ants, spiders ) etc cannot stand vertically , they are in prostrate position for  whole life means they cannot change their position according to their desire.  Similarly a four footed animal (Horse, Cow etc ) cannot stand vertically in whole life, they are in half prostrate position (Arabic –Ruku-Sijda )  or sitting position sometimes  in case of cow, but cannot stand vertical  on two legs. A tree stands vertically all times but cannot occupy prostrate position & cannot resume vertical position again according to its own  desire. Only human being has been allowed by GOD  to change their position or to occupy different positions  like , standing vertically on  two legs , half prostrate (Arabic-Ruku-Sijda ), sitting by folding two legs  & full prostrate position according to his desire among all the creatures in the living World. Most probably ,this is may be one of the strong  reason to  utter 9 letter Arabic words   ALLAHU AKBAR  (GOD is great) during changing positions etc   in prayer where GOD has intervened   or  changed the existing law, that  has been noticed  to exist   among the all other  living creatures . This is an unique example which  is only exhibited by human being among all living creatures like unique character possess by only  digit 9 , which always produce 9 or the sum of the existing digits in the result of multiplication is also 9 , when multiplied with any two digit, three digit, four digit etc, number but other digits like 2, 3,4, does not have the same characteristics .

Fazar (Prayer  before Sun rise), Johor (prayer at midday), Asor (Evening prayer ), Magreb (Prayer just after Sun set), Ebha (Prayer at late night  ) these are the different phase of regular or  periodic   day- night cycle that appears only in all over  earth except polar regions  , but does  not appear  in almost  other 7 planets of this Solar System & may be considered as very precious, rare,  enormous favour or blessing  from GOD for Human being only , which causes to utter ALLAHU AKBAR (GOD is great) during five times   call for prayer (Azan) from mosque that has been taught by last prophet  of Islam.

In this Solar System there are total  8 planets till today, &  the existence of 9th planet & its characteristics  has been partially known due its remote location  or  located  at very long distance caused from its  highly elliptical orbit in nature (Eccentricity : 0.6 & Orbital time  period 10, 000 to 20, 000 years )  but not circular in nature like other 8 planets (where  eccentricity varies from  : 0.007 to 0.206 ). This is one of the unique characteristics of 9th planet which Is not reflected in the orbits of other 8 planets as their orbits are almost circular.  When it will reach very close to Earth ,due to non-uniform  distribution of mass in east-west hemisphere   & north –south hemisphere  over & under the Earth surface  ,  it may causes  oscillation  of rate of spin of Earth on its axis including  reversal of spin on the  axis of Earth  (Which will results  Sun rise from west)  , change of angle  of  axis of  spin  with its orbital plane,  due to combined effect of  enormous gravitation pull of  9th planet (Mass of 9th planet = 10 X Earth Mass)  & topography of Earth surface like north-south orientation of  mountains chains that possess enormous mass  like Rocky Mountains chains  (L = 4800 Km, W = 300 Km, H = 4.4 Km ) & Andes Mountains  chains ( L= 7000 km, W = 500 Km, H = 4.4 Km ), Ural Mountains chains  (L = 2400 Km, W = 150 km, H = 1.89 km ) e.t.c , thickness of continental crust ( 32 km ) which  is 4 times  more than Oceanic crust (8 Km ).





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