Knowledge of Allah, Dr.M.Shahid Siddiqi Retired tax consultant


Knowledge of Allah:Dr.M.Shahid Siddiqi  Retired tax consultant

If you are asked:who is your Lord?

Then say, My Lord is Allah: He has nourished me

As well as other creatures with His blessings.

He is my deity, and I know of no other deity but


Evidence from the Quran:

(Praise be to Allah’ Lord of all creation) 1:1

Everything other than Allah is His Creation:

and I am part of that creation.

If you are asked: How have you arrived at this knowledge of your Lord?

Then say through His signs and His creatures.

(among His signs and creatures are the night and the day, the sun and the moon; Adore not the and the moon, but adore Allah who had created them, if it is indeed Him you worship) 41:37

It is only the Lord who is to be worshipped.

Evidence from the Quran:

“O mankind ! Worship your Lord(Allah), who has

created you and those before you, so that you

fear Him: It is He Who has made the earth your

convenient habitation and the heavens a well

built structure, and causes water, to fall down from the sky; thereby producing fruit for your

sustenance: therefore,  do not set up peers for

Allah when you have this knowledge.”(2,21,2)

It means:

It is only the creator of all these things who is

worthy to be worshipped.


Dr.M.Shahid Siddiqi

Retired tax consultant

author of several bulletins & letters

on Canadian & US taxes

Author of several books on Canadian

& US Taxes

Ex-president institute of professional

compilers of Canada

Recipient of service to Humanity award

from Government of Ontario & from India.