6th CBET Annual FRD at SNMC Sunday ,November 11 Al-Hamdu Lillah Exceeded our expectations


6th CBET Annual FRD at SNMC Sunday ,November 11 Al-Hamdu Lillah Exceeded our expectations : with Digitaries,  Multi Ethnic Guests, Well decorated Hall full of guests, Good environment, Good food. Timely.

Good fund raising, cash, check, debit/credit, pledge, over $27K

A distinguished scholar  Sk Ahmad Shehab, will be the  exceptional key note speaker

Enjoy the pictures


Enjoy the video of   6th  CBET FRD at snmc

We cannot change the world, but we can change the lives of one or more families for better. We can donate online at www.CBET.ca, $200 for one scholarship by PayPal, MC and visa to sponsor one student.For All donations, CRA Tax receipts will be issued.

The evening offered  an opportunity to help change lives for less fortunate, needy and orphans by giving them opportunity to have higher education in Ottawa Canada and Bangladesh.

CBET   honoured 6  distinguished  community volunteers for outstanding community services, somefrom main stream Canadins and  some  from Bangladeshi Canadians.

  1. Imam Sekander Hashmi, KMA
  2. Br Shakil Ahmed, Treasurer, Masjid Bilal
  3. Br Wahed Mohammed, Professioanl Photographer
  4. Majed Bhabee
  5. Shely Bhabee
  6. Dorin Bhabee

Al-Hamdu Lillah CBET since 2013 has awarded over 800 scholarships of  $200 each in  Bangladesh, and 50 scholarships of each $500, in Ottawa Gatineau , Canada.

in 2019 CBET will offer 300 scholarships in Bangladesh of $200 each and 10 schoalrships of each $500 in Ottawa Gatineau inshaAllah.


Dear CBET donors, volunteers and well-wishers and guests.

As-salamu Alykum

We thank all of you for  moral, financial and logistic  support to cbet to help needy and orphans in Education in Bangladesh and Ottawa

On Sunday Nov 11 2018 CBET 6th Annual FRD exceeded our expectations in terms of multi ethnic guests, arrangement, presence of dignitaries and Muslim leaders and beautiful key note  and dignitary speeches, volunteer appreciation awards and quality food and timely program and good fund raising.

We missed  some of you at CBET  dinner on Sunday at snmc.

We look forward get your  support at snmc on Friday Jumah on December 21, Friday Jumah CBET Fund Raising at SNMC  masjid  to reach CBET Target of proving scholarships to 300 needy and orphan students , $200 each or $60,000.

We have reached our target now to $30,000.

With salam and best wishes.

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