CBET 6th Fund Raising Dinner, Asma khan


CBET 6th Fund Raising Dinner, Asma khan

SNMC and CBET are two well known, Canadian registered charity, unique in their name, activities. SNMC is a unique masjid and community center, in terms of structure, and activities as multi ethnic and multi fiqh service-oriented organization. CBET gives scholarships in Ottawa and Bangladesh to needy and orphan students in education. Both organizations were built in an unusual way by ground up approach, by walking  the talk  and has to overcome hundreds of  obstacles  by internal and external forces. The founder of both charities, a high tech professional a Muslim from Bangladesh. So, when community saw their value, hope, honor, desire, imagination came to visible reality in an institutional form with its own honor and pride, they accepted it. Now, people want to follow that footprint, as a result Nov ’18 every weekend Bangladeshi community doing fundraising event.

On 11th November CBET 6th annual fundraising dinner was in SNMC well decorated banquet hall, with eloquent speaker and over two hundred diverse affluent and kind guests build a bridge from west to east a humanitarian possibility. In that magical night CBET collected around $28000 pledge, check, cash. Experience guide us to consider the urban psychology, publicity, awareness of the cause, connection with the affluent kind and willing to donate guest, powerful keynote speaker, gourmet food and nice feel good environment.

CBET was started in 2012, to help needy and orphan students in education in Ottawa and Bangladesh. It is the only registered charity in Canada operated by people of Bangladesh origin. With hard working volunteers, mercy of God and support of generous donors, last five years, awarded one-time scholarships to 800 students in Bangladesh, $200 each, in an open and transparent way and 50 scholarships, each of $500 to Ottawa Gatineau students.

Paying Zakat is an obligatory act of Muslim worship. Donating to a Canadian registered charity, donors get back 30% of their donation during yearly tax return. They can re-donate, fulfill their religious obligation, get recognized by the Canadian government, and helping needy and orphan in education, at the same time feels happy and sense of achievement. The process of selecting students in open competition by each educational institute through a 5 member committee with a clearly specified and explained application form and process the students get the scholarship checks through an open award ceremony for their institutes is transparent. Fund from Canada is transferred to a Bangladesh’s government approved NGO after getting formal approval of NGO bureau and the fund is directly transferred from CBET account of a Canadian Bank to the Surovi , NGO , Bank account in Bangladesh and students get checks directly from Surovi to their institutes as authorized by CBET Ottawa management. A visible transparent process which makes the guest donors know how wonderful way their donation was utilize

For awareness CBET organizes year-round social events. This useful programs and activities are to attracts the hearts and minds of people. When their children speaks from the  stage in  front of the other people about Bangladesh and Canada, parents feels inspired, the topic children speak about was Bangladesh parliament vs Canadian parliament,  maple syrup vs date juice,  la machine vs  robot Sofia.  Pitha festival was very successful event of Bangladesh as all-time favorite desi desserts/delicacy.  CBET even makes dry Annual General Meeting enjoyable by interlacing accounting numbers and reports with Canadian society diversity presentation by a Muslim teacher with a Jewish rabbi.

CBET also publishes monthly online magazine, Canadian dream in Bangla and English, with malty ethnic authors with variety of articles covering spirituality,education, poetry, article, science, health and daily success and challenging stories. Rogers TV channel regular one-hour show ‘Bangladesh window’, 3 times in a month, CBET views and activities.

One talented high tech professional and visionary of Bangladesh origin, made a bridge  between Ottawa and Bangladesh through a successful  organization,  CBET.

Over the years, it is visible that It inspired many other groups and organizations in Ottawa and beyond to establish a pattern of masjids and community centers following SNMC model and establish to help needy and orphans in different countries and communities adopting