CBET Mission and Vision: Testimonial by Scholars of Different Ottawa Masjids and Organizations, Dr Emdad Khan


CBET Mission and Vision: Testimonial by Scholars of Different Ottawa Masjids and Organizations, Dr Emdad Khan

While SNMC project was moving in full swing, we started in August 2012, CBET, to help needy and orphan students in education in Ottawa and Bangladesh. Why?

While SNMC raised over million dollars for masjid project and would receive two to three hundred thousand as Zakat and Sadaqa for its humanitarian activities. In developing and building snmc, even during critical time of funding crisis, SNMC would use Zakat and Sadaqa money to give scholarships to high school needy students, helping local needy families and helping in local and overseas calamities.

This also opened our eyes, as

Imam Sekandar stated while driving we look at front view mirror to move forward but we also look at back mirror to see what is behind us. So, we visualized, in Canada, we all have zakat and Sadaqa money and are looking for a reliable charity to donate and  CBET a Canadian Registered charity ( CRA Reg No- 80114 RR0001) to provide this environment to help needy and orphans in Canada and Bangladesh. Also, Allah swt commands us in Surah al-ma ’un, Have you seen him who denies the Recompense? (1) That is, he who repulses the orphan (harshly) (2) And urges not on the feeding of the needy (3).

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said,  as reported by Sahl bin Sad (RA), I and the person, who looks after an Orphan and provides him, will be in paradise like  this,  putting his index and middle fingers together, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Narrated Abu Hurairah (RA), the prophet Muhamed (PBUH) said, the one who looks after a widow or a needy person, is lik a mujahid, who fights in Alalh’s cause or like him who performs prayers all night and fasts all the day, Sahih Al-Bukhari

During the last 5 years, with mercy of Allah swt and generous donors and efforts of CBET team, we provided over 800 scholarships each of $200 (90%, $160,000) and 50 scholarships, each of $500 (10%, $25,000) in Ottawa Gatineau,

We can donate by PayPal, Master card or Visa on line at www.CBET.ca

We anticipated, we the rising progress of CBET in helping needy and orphan students in here and abroad, we will face a test to prove our sincerity. But we did not know it will be from internal people.

With some trivial issues such a face book posting or selecting nominees for volunteer awards, in May 2018, on the day of CBET 5th Annual Iftar program, some key CBET team members quitted.  CBET thanks all of them for their work and service to help the needy and orphans in education and wish them success and tranquility in their life and future endeavor.

Thus 2018 was the most challenging and most rewarding year for remaining CBET team members. After initial shock and set back, with the mercy of Allah swt, support of new volunteers and generous donors and supporting organizations, CBET exceeded in all aspects compared to all the years of its existence.

Fund Raising: In 2018 during Ramadan, at Jumah prayers on Fridays in different masjids and 6th Annual fund-raising dinner, CBET exceeded compared to 2016 and 2017. CBET got donation/fund raising opportunities in SNMC, KMA, Masjid Bilal, Jami Omar, AMA Masjid, Ottawa Masjid, Gloucester ISG Masjid, Islam Care, Muslim Housing, and HCI.

2018 May Iftar program attracted more new volunteers and guests, with new unique and motivational speaker got more fund than any of the previous years.

Also, during 2018 November fund raising dinner, CBET sold more tickets and generated more ticket sales money and with more guests, volunteers, dignitaries and more scholars of more masjids, new motivation speaker, al-Hamdu Lillah, raised more cash, check and pledged fund.

CBET team received supporting testimonial from almost all of masjids and organization for working to help needy and orphan students in education, a unique effort by CBET team.

Communication, Preservation and CRA Tax Receipts: Al-Hamdu Lillah, weekly newsletter and monthly Canadian Dream magazine continuing with better quality news and articles with more readers and subscribers.

Bangladesh window with Rogers TV Channel 22, initial set back is overcome and will inshaAllah continue in a better way.

All donors’ data are preserved and a new CRA Tax software preserves all donor data and tax receipts from 2014 to 2018.

All donations and expenses are timely deposited in bank and expenses processed and proper excel sheets and records are maintained.

Monthly Gathering and Events: CBET looked at the future and re-structed some monthly gathering and events. All the new re-structured family gatherings and events are stabilized.

Social Media and website Updated and Maintained: Facebook, which created pain for CBET, Twitter and Website are all maintained and updated with all data and information in most useful way.

Summer Students: In 2018 two summer students were better supervised and produced better results.

Scholarship forms and communication with Education Institutes: Al-Hamdu Lillah with new dedicated, passionate and committed volunteers, all scholarships forms are updated and poste din website. We already got desired number of colleges and students completed application forms. InshaAllah we will be able to send more fund to Bangladesh in official banking procedure compare to 2017 and hopefully in one go by January 2019 all scholarships will be awarded. We can audit colleges, formation of 5-member committees and even talking with students and identified more orphans than any previous years.

Al-Hamdu Lillah, CBET team is pleased to add all the testimonials received in 2018 from different masjids and organizations

Jami Omar From: anver.malam
Sent: November 18, 2018 4:19 PM

To: emdadkhan <emdadkhan@sympatico.ca>; info <info@cbet.ca

Dear D. Emdad and the CBET Team,

You are doing an amazing job for our people in Bangladesh. You are leading by example and ahead of others. This is a great cause. May Allah place barakah in your intentions and work.

I was out of town on business… my apologies for not being able to attend.


Anver Malam, President, Jami Omar

Jami Omar:From: Owais T.
Sent: November 9, 2018 9:42 AM
To: <emdadkhan@sympatico.ca>

Wa’alaykum wa RahmatuLlah Dr Emdad,

Thank you for your invitation. Although I will not be there I Pray Allah grants success to the event and efforts.

JazakumuLlah Khairan.

-Owais , Imam Jami Omar

HCI From: Yazan Nesreddin
Sent: November 15, 2018 10:13 PM
To:  emdadkhan emdadkhan@sympatico.ca; info@cbet.ca;

Dear Dr Emdad and the CBET Team

Thank you for a great event and the noble community work,

and I Thank you for taking care of my children in Bangladesh

We are proud to work with CBET, and that CBET is an HCI off-shot project

Thanks for the bill,

We will proceed with payment


Yazan Nesreddin, HCI

Ottawa Masjid:From: ahmed ibrahim
Sent: November 14, 2018 2:59 PM
To: emdadkhan@sympatico.ca; info@cbet.ca;

Alsalam Alaikom Brother Emdad and respected brothers and sisters.

Elhamd Lelah for your success as with HIS mercy, HE is the source of all success and he is the Only One who can reward you and your team for the effort and dedication.

Enshaa Allah the OMA will join in future events .

Jazak Allah Khairan

Ahmed Ibrahim, OMA President

AMA Al-Rahmah  Masjid:From: jalil marhnouj
Sent: November 14, 2018 2:32 PM
To: Emdad Khan <emdadkhan@sympatico.ca>; info@cbet.ca;

Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh Dr. Emdad,

First of all, I would like to thank you and SNMC Team for coming to visit me this past Thursday. Masha Allah seeing so many brothers coming all the way from South Nepean to get the ajr of visiting the sick person masha Allah.

Although I started to feel a little bit better on Friday, I relapsed over the weekend, so I was not able to attend any event, even the organized by AMA.

May Allah reward you for all the hard work you do for (SNMC and CBET), masha Allah.

Jazakum Allah khairan for thinking of us.

Wa assalam.

Jalil marhnouj, President, AMA Al-Rahmah Masjid

AMA Al-Rahmah  Masjid:From: ismail albatnuni
Sent: November 13, 2018 9:28 PM
To: Emdad Khan emdadkhan@sympatico.ca; info@cbet.ca;

Wa Alikum Alssalam Wa Rahmatullah dear Dr Emdad

Really sorry that we missed such a Nobel cause but there was a big event same day same time in our Masjid. I wish you the best and Jazaka Allah Khair dear Dr. Emdad for being always there when there is a need in the Muslim Ummah. May Allah reward you

Ismail  albatnuni, Imam AMA Al-Rahmah Masjid

MAC Ottawa:From: Mostafa Haroun
Sent: November 16, 2018 12:06 PM
To: emdadkhan@sympatico.ca; Cc: ‘info’ <info@cbet.ca

Assalamu Alaykum Dr Emdad

We would like to welcome you at MAC Youth centre at 1085 Grenon at Friday prayer on Nov. 23rd inshaALLAH. Did you say someone from your side can give khutbah too, any names in mind. We can ask our khateeb to focus on relevant content too inshaALLAH.

As for the annual dinner, sorry for missing it this time. It looks like I missed it at the bottom of the email.


Mostafa Haroun, Head Ottawa MAC Chapter

Masjid Bilal:From: Mohammed Badat
Sent: November 8, 2018 10:57 PM
To: emdadkhan@sympatico.ca;info@cbet.ca

Wa Alaykum Assalam,
Dear Dr. Emdad,
Thank you for your email and invitation. Currently I’m away and will not be back till 1st week of December. Wishing you all the best.
Imam Badat, Imam Masjid Bilal

SNMC :From: Raheemuddin Syed

Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 15:09

To: Emdad Khan Cc: Zijad Delic

Br Emdad, the board approved your request of Dec 21 cbet fundraising at SNMC.

Cc’ing Imam Zijad as an FYI, I am not aware of Dec spot taken by other orgs. If this is the case, please advise.

Raheemuddin Syed, SNMC President

SNMC :From: Zijad Delic
Sent: October 2, 2018 4:35 PM
To: Raheemuddin Syed <sraheemuddin@gmail.com>; Emdad Khan <emdadkhan@sympatico.ca>

Salam all,

Yes, cbet could take Dec 21st, Insha Allah. Imam Zijad