Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, & Preservation of Pharaoh’s body, Engineer Mir Akhter Hussain, Toronto


 Great Pyramids of  Giza in Egypt,  &  Preservation of Pharaoh’s body, Engineer Mir Akhter Hussain, Toronto

Pyramids of  Giza  in  Egypt is a great  mystery  & is one of the seven  wonders of the  ancient World. Its construction or fabrication technology is beyond the understanding capacity of human being to represent a logical explanation behind it . Specially the work which involves the lifting ( Height – 146.9 m) , transportation (Distance from Aswan to pyramid – 900 Km) of  building block unit having weight 2.5 tons to 40 tons  cannot be explained by the available  technology during 2580  to 2560 B. C . Average length of base of  each side of pyramid is  230.60 m, height  146.9 m , stone block average size 127 X 127 X 71 cm, average weight of each block 2.5 tons & total weight 6500, 000 tons. Special blocks having weight 40 to 50 tons are made by Granite. In total 8000 tons of granite,  5.5 millions of limestone’s, & 50 000 tons of mortars  were used. It is assumed that the construction material were transported  by boat through river Nile .   Total estimated  time to build the pyramid was 23 years & it was build during 2551 – 2528 B.C. The stones were  transported from Aswan (more than 800 Km from construction site ) & lime stones  from Tura few Km south of Giza. According to some  estimation  145 000 people participated in construction . There are three known chambers inside great pyramid . King’s chamber, Queens chamber & the lowest chamber  upon which the pyramid was built.

There are many explanation behind its  construction  mechanism .  one is normal technology available at that time like transportation of block by river Nile .  But the block having weight 2 tons to 40 tones  (1 ton = 1000 kg) cannot be transported through river Nile  having  average depth 8 to 11 m only,  as the transportation vehicle will probably  touch bottom of the river to bear the load according to Archimedes principle.    More over  the size of navigation vehicle  capable of carrying such enormous load , possibly cannot be accommodated throughout  the river due to its variable width & depth.. Also a portion of transportation in  road  is sandy desert  through which vehicle carrying  enormous load will face  big obstacle.

Similarly lifting of block (2 tons to 40 tons) to a height of  146.9 m was  not possible during time before 4000 years  by rope /chain – pulley system according to available technology as it involves very accurate  vertical & horizontal movement together  to place each block in proper position. It needs very strong or powerful  hydraulic crane having facility to measure  very accurate  measurement of movement of load. A portion of transportation road  is sandy desert  through which vehicle carrying  enormous load will face  big obstacle.

Another explanation which describes alien from planet  that belongs to another Star built this pyramids. But alien did not bring hydraulic crane, heavy vehicle driven by powerful mechanical engine with them . Also it would not have been possible for them in Earth to develop the technology of manufacturing the equipment used for construction as it needs continuous effort of several generations to have this type of skills. According to historians  the initiative to construct  pyramids were taken  by Pharaoh Khufu  during his reign , probably in 2551 B.C

Explanation about  probability of  construction technology  of pyramids for the people who  believe in Last Holy Book .

Most probably the following verse of Holy Quran is related to Pyramid

Sura Qasas  28/38 Pharaoh said , “ O. nobles, I know  of no god for you , other than myself. So Haman , burn me bricks of clay, and build me a high tower , so that I may have a look , at the GOD  of Moses , though I consider  him to be one of the liars . “

In above verse “ high tower “ may be indication about pyramid . Previously  it was assumed that whole pyramid was constructed by blocks  made of natural stone.   In recent time or in  this century only the archaeologist discovered that top of the  pyramid has been fabricated by the blocks made by burning clay but not by natural stone which was previous assumption .   The last prophet was located at Mecca which is at a distance of more than 1600 Km from Cairo & he was in this world in 6th century. So appearance of this type of information in last Holy Book is beyond the human explanation , if Holy Quran is not considered as a  Divine Book .

Prophet Solomon (In 990 to 931 B.C ) , son of prophet David used demon/Jinn  (A spiritual character) to construct Buildings,  basin like reservoir etc  according to following verse of Holy Quran .

Sura Saba  34/13 They ( Jinn/demon) made for him (Prophet Solomon) whatever he desired  :  Palaces (Buildings), jewelleries  , basins  like reservoir &  large cooking vessels fixed in their places.

Jinn /demon  can travel enormous distance with heavy load in fraction of a second according to following  verse of Last Holy Book

Sura Naml  27/40  But one of them who had some knowledge about the book said,  “ I will bring it to you in the twinkle of an eye . “ Sura 27/38 , 27/39

Controlling demon/ Jinn  by human being to get the work done by them (demon /jinn) has been stopped by GOD due to following prayer of  prophet Solomon .

Sura  Sad 38/35 He (Prophet Solomon)  prayed., “ LORD, forgive me . Grant me such power as no one after me will have —  You are the Most Generous Provider.

So this is also possible that  may be demons /Jinn  were used for the works related to lifting (2 to 40 tons) , transporting (Distance 800mKm ) etc.  by king Pharaoh by the help from  people (For example Sorcerer,  Sura 7/113  in Holy Quran )  who had control over Jinn / demon  as the Great Pyramids were built 4500 years ago or before the prayer of prophet Solomon.  The last possibility about construction technology ( Specially  work like lifting & transportation of  block made from stone  having enormous weight ) of pyramids at Giza may be correct or may not be correct. This is an imagination on the basis of some scattered information available in  last Holy Book. Only GOD knows the truth .

Following verse of Holy Quran describes  that body of Pharaoh drowned in Red Sea  will be preserved for future generation as a Sign of GOD .

Sura Younus 10/92 So We shall save your body this day , so that you may serve as a Sign for those, who come after you. For many people are heedless of Our Signs .

Mummified body of Pharaoh has been discovered  in 1898 in the valley of kings in Egypt. At present the mummified body has been kept  at Egyptian Museum in Cairo . Three thousand five years before,  after drowning of Pharaoh with his complete  army in Red Sea nobody knows about the fate of body of Pharaoh until  the  discovery of Pharaoh’s body in 1898 A.D  from  the valley of kings in Egypt. Also Old Testament of Holy bible does not mention any thing about the fate of the body of  Pharaohs after drowning in Red Sea. But 1400 years before  Holy Quran mentioned  that body of Pharaoh will be preserved  as Sign of GOD for future generation in the verse 10/92 . In 1981 when Mitre became the president of France , the mummy  known as body of pharaoh which  was discovered in valley of Egypt was examined by a specialist group of anatomical scientists  headed by professor , Maurice Bucaille . After the end of examination , the archaeologists & anatomical scientists  together  confirmed that , it was the body of Pharaoh (Rameses  II ‘s son Merneptah not Rameses II which was previous assumption)   who died 3500 years before by drowning in Red sea . It has been also discovered that body of Pharaoh did not decay or decompose  but the bodies of companions who drowned together in Red Sea followed decay or decomposition  which coincides with the announcement  in the verse Sura 10/92 of Holy Quran although all the bodies were mummified together immediately after the death due to drowning in Red Sea.


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