The New Year!, Farrok Aman, Ottawa


The New Year!, Farrok Aman, Ottawa

As one year roles in with a bang, another role out quietly and unnoticed. People in various time zones welcome the New Year with hope and aspiration for betterment and brighter future. Smiles are flashed as the New Year ushers in, hugs and kisses fill the hearts, disagreements remain on hold and pleasure of the occasion becomes the set menu.

What happens is that we feel different with the New Year; such feeling brings about resolves which we may and may not be committed or fulfilled for long, in spite of the good intentions to pursue our goals. The enthusiasm may persevere during January as it ends, February follows and so on. But how far enthusiasm decides to hold becomes an abstract?

When we think about it, the pragmatism of happiness to receive a New Year would dictate the hidden dreams of better and healthy life. Obviously, that is hope for the positive which tosses away the negatives of the past. Still in reality, life remains basically the same. The week days remain the same except for the change of day name, the weather only fluctuates in temperatures and condition, the job description at work continues, the pay would basically remain as is with little tangible difference, if any. Family challenges are the exception to the above. It may grow in size and certainly in age; that brings numerous challenges to optimistically resolve, appreciate and put into practice.

Reality sets in countless ways and means as well as contours similar to that of previous years. Demands for more seem to take priority in life; greed for money and power is often effectively felt in the air. The poor suffers while the rich get richer and greedy for more. Competition could drive the less fortunate to impoverishment which would potentially follow with a loss of remunerations and undesirable settings. More misery would also spiral down to health issues, family break ups and loss of trust.

Someone once said that life is like a Roller Coaster; the faster you go the more terrified you become before it finally ends. The question is why do we make so much fuss about celebrating the New Year? The obvious answer may be wisely explained as unbreakable generational tradition to welcome a New Year, to get drunk and feel marry, joyful and irrational. Countries with sub-zero temperatures during the month of December somehow seem to experience various forms of unwelcome events due to drunkenness with stiff bodies evidently discovered on the bitter cold streets the very next day of the very first day of the New Year. Somehow fires find their way on New Year’s Eve overwhelming some residences and nearby properties with many human lives counted as victims. Investigators soon might announce that cigarette or criminal negligence might have been the cause. However, the actual culprit was perhaps too much alcohol and or drug related celebration. All it takes is one thoughtless person to lose touch with reality and become oblivious of the immediate surrounding. Flames would soon take over and agonizingly victims would be reckoned thereafter.

Sure, every year, we would feel in the mood to celebrate the welcoming of a New Year and kiss good bye to another. But we must also remain sober and mindful of the surrounding in order to avoid catastrophe and potential loss of lives. God has equipped us with brains to manage and control our lives, to prosper, to aim for higher goals and to enjoy life; not to waste it. God also gave animals brains to navigate for safety in order to avoid dangers. Mother animal would teach its cub’s generational experience to recognize danger(s) and attempt to circumvent it. Yet man seems unconscious to learn from the ever present wisdom of the animal kingdom. Utter unwise and imprudent action(s) often cause misery to one self and subsequent painful memory to loved ones.

New Year’s celebration may not be the only juncture to foster reckless action(s), in a smaller scale; other celebrations might also end with similar excruciating pain. Should the authorities be blamed for not keeping the peace and save lives? But how can that be fully managed and effectively controlled or successfully achieved? Why would the authorities be blamed?

No doubt, the authorities can provide guidance on how to be self-conscious and self-accountable to one self and others. The rest of the responsibility would fall on the shoulders of each individual. Those who heed would be safe and flourish while those (few) who lose control would suffer and invariably parish.

All religious faiths advocate love, peace and respect, yet most followers overlook or rather disregard to uphold and respect the composition. They rather adopt the evil path and admire its command. We witness for instance, wars between neighbouring countries. And because of potential interests and advantages, bigger and more powerful countries support one or the other, adding fuel to the fire. Wise, sound and prudent leadership are thrown out the window. They rather pursue particular interest to accumulate personal wealth in as much a short period of time as possible; the more the merrier! The interest of their respective countries and its citizens is ignored without the slightest sense of guilt, morality or shame. Obviously, they ignore the Oath of Office, to d protect and uphold, which they publically proclaimed prior to taking office.

I envision that life is also full of designed conspiracy theories, lies and shameless face. No wonder the following saying makes sense: If you have a shameless face, then you can do what you may wish! With a straight face, we witness daily the shameless leadership face in action, full of conspiracy theories, lies, disrespect to the leadership Chair / Bench and Government House. Immorality, betrayal and infidelity are matters that they can live with without the slightest sense of guilt or embarrassment.

No matter how high a bird may fly, but when it is time to come crashing down, that will happen with the will of the creator, god. Therefore, a drunken person celebrating the New Year has virtually no sense of culpability, consciousness or shame to what may materializes in reality which in effect it would be equivalent to that of a President or a Prime Minister or a Head of State / leader who pursues personal / private interests above that of the interest of the country, its constitution or its citizens. In other words, the shameless face is comparable to the rear end; it may appear to be good in shape but smells horrendously stinky!

What is the realistic solution? Believe sincerely in god and walk the right path while consciously being aware of the dangers of the evil pathway and avoid it.

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