Seerath, Dr.M.Shahid Siddiqi Retired Tax Consultant


 Seerath, Dr.M.Shahid Siddiqi Retired Tax Consultant

Q.1 Who was the Messenger from God(Allah)

The Prophet Mohammad pbuh(peace be  upon   Him) is the Messenger from ALLAH  (Swt).

Q.2 Who brought us the Holy Quran.

The Prophet Mohammad pbuh, brought to us The Holy Quran.

Q.3.  What is the full name of Prophet Mohamed  pbuh?

Hazrath Mohammed Mustafa Salallahu  alaihi wa Salam.

Q.4.   Where did the Prophet wash born?

The Prophet Mohammad was born in  Mecca Saudi Arabia.

Q.5.    What is the date of birth of Prophet   Mohammed pbuh ?

Prophet Mohammed was born 12th    Rabi-Ul- Awall.

Q.6.    What is the father’s name of Prophet Mohammed pbuh?Hazrath Abdullah

Q.7     What is the mother’s name of Prophet Mohammed pbuh?

Hazrath Amina

Q.8     What is the Grand father’s name of Prophet Mohammad pbuh?

Hazrath Abdul Mutalib

Q.9     What is the name of Prophet’s daughters?

Hazrath Fatimutuzzahera, Hazrath Zaneb

Q.10    Say the few names of Prophet

Mohammad’s wives?

Hazrath Khatijatul Kubra, Hazrath Ayesha

Siddiqa, Hazrath Ummesalma, Hazrath


Q.11    Say the names of the earlier prophets of Allah (swt).

Prophet Adam, Prophet Noh, Prophet

Ibrahim, Prophet Moosa, Prophet Dawood,

Prophet Eyssa.

Q.12.  Say the names of the Holy books ?

Quran, Tawrait, Enjeel, Zaboor.

Q.13.  In what language is the Holy Quran written?

The Holy Quran is written in Arabic.

Q14.    Who are the Ahlaibaith?

Hazrath ALI, Hazrath Bibi Fatima, Hazrath

Imam-e-Hassan, Hazrath Immam-e-Hussain.

Q.15    Say the names of Qulfai-e-Rasheedeen?

Hazrath Abubakar Siddiq, Hazrath Omer-

-e-Farooq, Hazrath Osmsn-e-Ghani, Hazrath ALI.

Q.16    Who are the Grand Sons Of Prophet Mohammad pbuh?

  1. Hazrath Immam-e-Hassan, Hazrath

Immam-e-Hussain are the Grand sons

Of the Prophet Mohammed pbuh.


Dr.M.Shahid Siddiqi

Retired Tax Consultant

Author of several bulletins & tax letters on Canadian & US Taxes Author of several books on Canadian & US taxes Author of several books on Budgeting, Marketing & Finance.

Compiler of Book series” Our Life In The Light Of Islam”.

Ex-President Institute Of Professional compilers Of Canada.

Co-Founder of world Ageing Council-Turkey.

Recipient of service to Humanity award from Canada & India.

Observer, co-ordinator, speaker on several UN & International conference & Forums.


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