Languages is an unique & efficient instrument for transmission of information within Human being , Engineer Mir Akter Hussain


Languages is an unique & efficient instrument for transmission of information within Human being , Engineer Mir Akter Hussain

There are total 6500 languages in the World, but  at present,  7106 living languages exist in the World. World’s top spoken languages are as follows. Chinese 1197 million, Spanish 399 million, English 335 million, Hindi 260 million, Arabic 242 million, Portuguese 203 million, Bengali 189 million, Russian 166 million.  Chinese language consists of 3000 alphabets, Hindi 48 alphabets, Bengali 52 alphabets, Arabic 28 alphabets, Hebrew 22 alphabets, English 26 alphabets, Roman 23 alphabets, Latin 23 alphabets, Greek 24 alphabets, Russian 33 alphabets. From the study & analysis of above data it is clear that most of the European languages, Hebrew & Arabic alphabets consist of alphabets in between 20 & 30 . No language in the world is 100 % advantageous or 100 % disadvantageous.  Every language has got different characteristic or has got different combination of advantage & disadvantage. For example, each Chinese alphabet is  like picture & very complicated. But alphabets belongs to European languages, Arabic are very simple & easy to learn for the people, whose mother tongue is not is not European language or Arabic . This may be one of the reasons for which GOD has sent the message related to science & technology in European countries which is very useful  to solve fundamental problems of human being &  comfortable survival of all the people (7.53 Billion people) of the whole  world. For example if the message related to science & technology would have been sent by GOD to China in Chinese language it would have been very difficult for all the non-Chinese people of the World (6.15 Billion people) to learn 3000 Chinese complicated or picture like alphabets instead of learning only 20 to 30 easy  European alphabets. Hindi alphabets & other Sanskrit originated  languages  of India  are also more complicated & the number of alphabets are more than number of alphabets in any European language & Arabic language.

English is international language & mathematics is Universal language. The above most acceptable characteristic of English alphabets has given that language to occupy the status of international language of communication  for all the communities of the World.  Numerical numbers (1 to 9 & 0 ) is very simple in English ,  other European languages & Arabic language. Numerical (1 To 9 & 0 ))  in Chinese language is very complicated & it is very difficult to learn for non – Chinese people . In Hindi language numerical (1 to 9 & 0 ) is more complicated than numerical in English language & other European languages .  Mathematics is very essential & indispensible component  related to science & technology , which disqualify Chinese, Hindi & other Sanskrit originated languages  etc. for the   transmission of  scientific knowledge to all the people of world (7.53 Billion people).

Arabic , Hebrew alphabets consist of 28 & 22  only. The alphabets are  simple & very easy to learn. These alphabets are not complicated like Chinese , Hindi etc. Enormous number of information can be transmitted by using very small number of alphabets in Arabic language  which is not possible  by English, Chinese or  Hindi or any  other Indian  language. For example in English language   nearest sky  consist of 7 + 3 = 10 alphabets . But its  Arabic translation is “Shama-e” which consist of four   Arabic alphabets only .For  example in Sura 30/24 of Holy Quran in the description of raining “  Shama-e” is written by four Arabic alphabets which are shin, mim, alif ,  hamja & at bottom of hamja there is” jer” . (Rain occurs in nearest layer which is  troposphere, but it does not occur in  top layers like stratosphere, mesosphere etc. of atmosphere ) . Similarly flying of bird in nearest sky has been described by using Arabic word “Shama-e” in Sura Nahal  16/79 of Holy Quran . The English word “Universe” (Example -Expansion of the  Universe discovered by Hubble Telescope)  is written by eight alphabets & the Universe consist of  all Galaxies , Black holes  etc . The Arabic translation of “Universe “ is “Shama-a” the same number of  alphabets, same composition, same word, only “jer”  has been shifted  from bottom to top. Universe word has been used in Sura Jariat  51/47 “We built the Universe (Shama-a) with Our Might, giving its vast expanse “. In Sura Anbia  21/104 the” Shama-a” word has been used in the description of folding the Universe before Last Day or Day of Judgment. If Holy Quran would have been sent by any European language or Chinese or Hindi language the number of alphabets would have been double or more  than present number of alphabets in Hoy Book, which has been described  by  Arabic alphabets  . In that situation it would have been very  difficult to memorize in Heart by Special people (Hafez of Quran) & it would have been difficult to finish the Holy Book in 30 days of Ramadan (Fasting month) for common people. Also it is more easy & suitable for 7 Billion non- Arab people to learn only  28 number of very simple  Arabic alphabets to read the Book as Holy Quran  has  been sent by GOD for all the people  of the World. (Sura  Jasia  45/20 This Book brings enlightenment & guidance to mankind & is a blessing  for those who have firm faith. )

In English there is Capital letter & small letter. In polytheist religion the word “god” is used beside the word” GOD”.  It is more suitable to describe the  words like GOD, Spirit (Holy Spirit or Jibrael ) in monotheist religion known as Islam  by Arabic language than English language as there is no capital letter in Arabic language.

In Hebrew language there are  alphabets  very  similar to each other in such a way that  a non- Hebrew person can -not distinguish or differentiate between these similar  alphabets  which prevents  Hebrew as a language of  communication related to the Message of GOD to transmit  for all the people of whole World.

Language which can transmit enormous number of information by using very small number of alphabets, which is  very  easy to learn for nonnative people that language is most acceptable & suitable for all the human being of the World .

The following verse of Holy Quran is represented here related to above description.

Sura Rum 30/22 Another of His Sign is that, He created the Heavenly bodies & Earth & the diversity of languages & colours .There truly Signs in this for those who are scholars  (Alimun) .

hebrew alphabet chart on Images Of Hebrew Alphabet – Broxtern Wallpaper and Pictures Collection

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