PM at SNMC, Asma Khan, Ottawa


PM at SNMC, Asma Khan, Ottawa

We salute New Zeeland’s PM Jacinda Arden

Who refuse to pronounce the terrorist by Name?

A man who killed fifty innocents

Refuse to give his visibility, exposer, fame

The ultimate criminal intention, game.

World rather should know those lifeless fifty innocents.


In 2007 SNMC got charity status, what was the official address?

The over whelming task and challenges, won’t tell, today we will supress

Those obstacles. But we will tell how our creativity put out side ourselves

Perspective, possible reality, imagination for our future space

At 3020 Woodroffe Ave, you see the beautiful minaret and dome

All Ottawa Muslim call the place their sacred home.

Now people realize SNMC has a unique language

Which touch all edges of the Muslim nations, culture, like a magic

We are honored, PM Justin Trudeau visited snmc. its amazing

a friendly courtesy of recognizing.

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