Ramadan Fasting Preparation, Dr. M. Shahid Siddiqi


Ramadan Fasting Preparation, Dr. M. Shahid Siddiqi

Ramadan the blessed month in a Muslim’s life.

In this special month, Muslims are reminded of our fellow Muslim brothers & sisters who are suffering with poverty, starvations, war, sickness and oppression.

There are so many people throughout the world who do not have even the minimal amount of food to eat, shelter to live.

Let’s be reminded to think Allah(swt) for our countless blessings that Allah(swt) has given us.

We are especially thankful for another opportunity to be given life and health and experience another Ramadan.

During this peaceful month, we should find time to go of some of our bad habits, for example, if you are quick to get angry, perhaps now is the perfect time to learn ways to control anger.

Ramadan is a time to do everything we can to get closer to Allah(swt).

Prepare yourself on the following before Ramadan starts.

1.Prepare a schedule to follow, meaning that you

must note down all the different practices you

wish to commit during Ramadan.

2.Improve your Salah meaning attending

Taraweeh, and playing lots of Nafils.

3.Think of Healthy Iftar Meals.

4.Recite Quran daily, meaning reading Quran

to get closer to Alkah(swt).

5.Repent & Make Dua , meaning we all make

mistakes, but Alhamdullilah we can always


6.Give Charity, this world can only be better

place if we help each other, in return Allah

(Swt) reward us in both worlds.

  1. Improve your Character

Every one can be a little bit more kind and

work on different aspects of their character.

The Prophet (pbuh) used to say “the best

amongst you are, those who have the best

manners and character “….Al-Bukari 8.Seek knowledge about Ramadan, this will help

You ensure you will do thing correctly.

9.Prepare your mind

fasting is to refrain from more than just what

we consume in our mouth, start working your

patience, be extra vigilant with your

conversation, ensure you are not backbiting,

slandering, or talking about useless things.

10.Plan your life around your worship.

For instance, instead of working through your

prayer or setting up etc, at prayer time.

Don’t take your cell phone with you to the

mosque, and forget the world, you stand

between the hands of the Almighty Allah


11.Get into the habit of TASBEEH.

In a nutshell, it’s imperative for Muslim to contemplate over the purpose of Ramadan, so that he or she is able to experience and incorporate that purpose into his or her personality.

Moreover, the preparation of the Holy month before it’s start also helps in enjoying the month in a better way and experience the true essence of it with minimal hassle.


Best Regards

Dr. M. Shahid Siddiqi

Retired Tax Consultant

Author of several books on Canadian &

US Taxes.

Author of several books on Budgeting, Finance & Marketing.

Compiler of Book series”our life in the light of Islam.

Ex-President Institute of professional compilers Of Canada.

Co-founder World Ageing Council of Turkey.

Recipient service to Humanity Award from Canada & India.

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