Concept of GOD ( in different religions.), Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto


Concept of GOD ( in different religions.),,Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto

In almost all the religions the concept of God in human form  appears except Islam. For example almost all the religions originated from India believe in human God. In this area if a man face such a problem like a married woman is not getting child , a man has got some incurable disease like cancer etc, any form of  future danger ,   which cannot be solved in materialistic way, then they ask help from Sri Krishna,  Sri Ram (incarnation of Vishnu in human form) etc. or image of Vishnu with four hands who is equipped with Sudarsana Chakra (Discus) & mace   as weapons or Shiva with four hand who is equipped with Trishul or Trident or  as weapon ( Image same like human being) etc. whom they consider as God or their Master to get rid of problems. Similarly   Christians of Europe , America, India etc, ask help from Jesus Christ, whom they consider as God or Son of God or their Master  if they face above type of problems. Under the above circumstances , the people belongs to Indian religions will not accept Jesus Christ as their God or Master. Similarly people belongs to Christian religions will not accept Sri Krishna, Sri Ram etc  as their God or as their Master. This may  happens as Jesus Christ has got a position with respect to language (Hebrew language), a geographical location (Palestine or Israel), a location with respect to family, which causes the people from another language (Hindi), geographical location (India), culture, family  etc, to reject him as God or Master. For the same reason people belongs to Christianity from Europe, America etc, reject Sri Krishna, Sri Ram (Originated from Indian religion) as their God or Master. But  people belongs to  both the  group believe in an  invisible supreme GOD who is the Creator of the Universe. The main difference appears when they believe in human God or human shaped God in addition to the believe in invisible Supreme GOD or Creator of the Universe. So believe in the appearance of  GOD  in human form is one of the principal cause of communalism , violent religious conflicts etc. Also conflict may appear from  representation of image of invisible Supreme GOD or creator of the Universe in the form of any physical shape or material form as different group of people bear in their mind different image of invisible GOD related to gender(male/Female), colour(White/black/brown) means image similar to Asian  inhabitant or non-Asian inhabitant/European inhabitant ), age (Look like Young/old man), dress, haircut, number of hands, number of legs, number of heads, type of weapons in hands, vehicles for transportation etc. In case of Islam believe in appearance of Invisible GOD or Creator of the Universe in human form or any other creature form is completely prohibited. The people belongs to Islam ask help to get rid of above type of  problem from the Supreme invisible GOD or the creator of the Universe only, but not from any human  or any messenger/prophet or not even  from last prophet Muhammad (p.b.u) or  anyone else. All the people belongs to different religions like , Hindus, Christians, Muslim etc  believe in this Supreme invisible GOD or there is no difference of opinion exist to accept the creator of the Universe as Master or no religious conflict exist  related to believe in invisible supreme GOD, which causes to consider Islam as an Universal religion or a  religion for all Human being of the World .  As a result of this the people belongs to Christianity, people belongs to Indian religions & all  other religious group etc,  may be enclosed in one bracket or same bracket & people belongs to Islam is to be placed in separate or different bracket. The believe in appearance of GOD in human shape/form is known as incarnation of GOD.

The above analysis may be summarised in following way

Hindus believe in many incarnations of GOD (As Sri Krishna, Sri Ram  etc  )

Christian  believe in only one incarnation of GOD (As Jesus Christ)

Muslim believe in no incarnation of GOD

Atheist believe in no existence of GOD

The above statement can be concluded as follows. The difference of opinion of Muslim is minimum with atheist as an atheist reject all the visible Gods, deny in the existence of one invisible GOD & Muslim also reject the concept of  all the visible Gods but believe in one Invisible GOD.

The opinion of atheist related to concept of  GOD is more with Christian than that of Muslim believe as an atheist reject the concept of  one visible God only  (As Jesus Christ ) &  One invisible Supreme GOD simultaneously. Muslim believe Jesus Christ is a holy prophet  but not God or not Son of GOD.

The opinion of atheist related to concept of GOD is maximum with Hindus than that of Muslim believe as the atheist rejects  all visible Gods (Like Sri Krishna, Sri Ram etc, means all the visible Gods) & one Supreme invisible GOD together. Muslim also reject all the visible Gods but believe in existence of invisible Master.

The Supreme invisible GOD is not located in any language, or any geographical location, or in no family or is not placed in any human race (Caucasian/Mongoloid/Negroid or mixture of any two or three human  race) which results no conflicts or no  violence among different group of people.

Prophets / messengers has been sent by invisible  Master / GOD  to all the communities (with respect to language, Quran, Sura 14/4 ) of the world & all  messages  are  same or identical (Quran, Sura 21/25) . All the messengers have been described as servant of Invisible GOD. No messenger claimed to be Master or GOD .  Or more clearly the religion of Sri Ram &  Sri Krishna ( If they were messengers of GOD ) , Jesus (pbu) , Muhammad (pbu) & all other messengers is  same . Their function was to preach or teach the message of invisible Master only according to Holy Quran, which is the only Holy Book available at present that bears the  message of invisible Master / GOD in pure form. In fact believe in appearance of GOD in human form is impurity in all the Holy Scriptures except Holy Quran . Without this impurity all religion is same. This impurity has been injected by some invisible hands in Holy Scriptures at subsequent time  by the influence of evil spirit in the original religion preached by Abraham (pbu), Moses (pbu), Jesus (pbu) & other messengers of GOD .

Verse related to no incarnation of GOD in Holy Quran

Sura 112/1 He is the GOD, the One. 112/2 GOD the self sufficient one. 112/3 He does not give birth, nor was He born. 112/4 And there is nothing like Him.

Verse related to messenger for all community

Sura 16/36 We raised among every people a messenger who enjoyed “ Worship GOD alone & shun the evil one . “

Verse that describes  messengers were  sent according  to language but not according to geographical area

Sura 14/4 Each prophet We have sent spoken in the language of his own people, so that he might make, the message clear to them. But GOD lets go astray, whom He will & guides whom He pleases. He is Almighty, All Wise .

Verse that describes , the religion of all messengers are  same

Sura 21/25 We sent all the messengers, before you with this revelation, “ there is no deity , save me, so worship Me alone . “




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