Taking Care for Our Seniors, MP Chandra Arya, Nepean


Taking Care for Our Seniors, MP Chandra Arya, Nepean

Providing for our seniors is one of our government’s most important tasks. Through their hard work and contribution to building Canada, they have helped secure a country of peace and prosperity that we can all enjoy and thrive within. The government of Canada has gone to great lengths to improve the quality of life for our seniors to help them live in comfort and dignity.

The government has strengthened and increased the government pension programs that retirees and future retirees rely on. With an estimated 1.1 million Canadian families approaching retirement without saving enough, we have reformed the Canadian Pension Plan aiming for a maximum retirement benefit enhancement of about 50 per cent. We have also made increases to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and Old Age Security (OAS) – benefitting the lives of 900,000 seniors across Canada. The government is also committed to streamlining the registration process for the CPP by automatically and proactively enrolling those who are eligible for it but have yet to register, ensuring that all those entitled to CPP can fully benefit from it.

Our commitment to our seniors extends beyond our pension policies – we must invest in the health and wellness of our seniors so that they can continue to contribute to our communities. Our government has invested 6 billion for homecare and mental illness, delivered a flexible Canada Caregiver Tax Credit to help those supporting our seniors, and has invested $50 million to support a National Dementia Strategy which is a first for Canada. These policies, tied with our commitment to a National Pharmacare Strategy, which will help reduce and keep pharmaceutical prices under control, will mean better services and care for our seniors.

To recognize and bolster the contribution seniors make to our communities, we plan to enhance the New Horizons Program as well in order to support the active involvement of our seniors in our communities. This program has been a success in Nepean, funding many projects encouraging seniors to be active.

Our enacted policies, tied with the government`s unshakeable commitment to strengthen our seniors` quality of life have so far led to a 16% reduction in the senior poverty rate since our government took office. We will continue with our efforts to do all that`s required to take care of our seniors and ensure they can live healthy and fulfilling lives.