2019 May19, Sunday 7.30pm, 8th CBET Iftar Program, only pre-Registered & confirmed guests in person or on line Please come at 7.30pm at SNMC,hall capcity full, no more new guests


Dear Brothers, Sisters, Kids, Assalamu Alykum. 8th  CBET Annual Family Iftar and Dinner  at SNMC  3020 Woodroffe Ave in Barrhaven, Sunday 7.30 pm- 9.30pm  May 19 , 2019:

Only pre-registered and confirmed guests on line or in person, please come at 7.30pm.On entrace gate, please collect tickets for each family members, re-entry after maghrib prayr by showing tickets only.

we are sorry, we can not accept any more guests, as we have recehd  maximum hall capacity

Please give a portion of our yearly Zakat, Sadaqa or earning money to CBET to provide scholarships. By donating $200 we can sponsor one scholarship.

For every $100 donation we will get  reward  of donating $7000 in Ramadan , 70 times more. Charity does not decrease wealth but pays off many  times in this Dunya and in the life hereafter.

CBET 8th Annual Iftar Program Sunday 7.30pm May 19 at SNMC

7.30 Guests Arrival

7.40 MC introduction: Fakruz Zaman

7.45 Quran Recitation with meaning: Rayan Musa

7.50   Welcome Dr Zijad Delic

7.55   Ramadan Significance : Dr Faisal Musa

8.05   Diverse Community: MP Chandra

8.10 Ramadan and Charity Giving: Br Mohamed Haroun

8.20   Welcome and thanks:  Dr Emdad Khan

8.25 Silent Dua

8.33 Iftar

8.38 Iqama

8.45 Dinner


CBET is a Canadian Registered charity (CRA Reg. # 80114 6101 RR0001) and issues CRA tax Receipt.

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