Life Post Ramadan Dr Shahid Siddiqi, Ottawa & California


Life Post Ramadan Dr Shahid Siddiqi, Ottawa & California

After the sacred month of Ramadan in which fasts are observed, Salah is performed and worship of Allah (swt) is done to win his acceptance and goodwill, with the departure of Ramadan comes “Eid-UL-Fitr.

It’s a common observation that people normally recognize decrees of Allah (swt) during Ramadan, and follows the commandments to the

best of their abilities, as Ramadan Mubarak departs, they

revert back to their earlier life style totally ignoring that the month of Ramadan was a month of training for believers. People who have reasonably benefited from training received during the month face no hardship to continue with routines of the month of Ramadan.

Muslims take every moment of Ramadan as an opportunity for the worship of Allah(swt), however after Ramadan these very people become forgetful during the other eleven months of the year, this  very clearly indicates that quite a few Muslims are for the month of Ramadan only. They crowded the mosques during Ramadan but as soon as Ramadan departs, they also depart from religious directives and get heavily engaged in their routines of life for remaking eleven months as before.

These days there are such Muslims who follow routines during Ramadan only. The reason for this practice is that people st large have not understood the philosophy of Islam, this in turns

means that when Ramadan begins, people also become pious and the moment Ramadan departs they go back to their old routines for the rest of the year, one must understand that if Islam is a system of nature and guides Muslim’s

life from start to finish, Islamic principles must be followed during the entire life and not just for

one month of the year.

There is no doubt that Allah(swt) will reward handsomely those who worship HIM during the

month of Ramadan. If we shape our lives in line

with Islamic principles then surely we will be

successful here and in the hereafter, sorry to say

that even knowing and understanding all this we are not prepared to hold the rope of Allah( swt).

As regards SADAQAH-Tul-FITR, it should be given before performing the Eid prayer, however the philosophy behind SADAQAH -Tul-FITR is totally ignored, paying attention to SADAQAH involves decent behaviour towards the poor, the

helpless and the destitute people, this distinctive mark of Islam should be extended to all twelve months of the year and whenever we celebrate some happy occasion or attain better standard of living then we should let these poor people or

Our own poor relatives participate in our happy moments or try to help improve their life standards also, despite paying regularly SADAQAH-Tul-FITR, we have not developed the habit of helping our poor relatives and needy people, this is no case suggests that we are unaware of the importance of SADAQAH, but these SADAQAH are confined to a few days in a year.

In today’s society there is no dearth if rich people while certainly there is a shortage of such people who would fulfill the responsibilities

of helping the poor and the helpless, it is observed that a sock person who is poor is going from house to house seeking help but no one person or no organization is ready to accept

the responsibility of providing for his treatment,

some very talented children remain in search of

resources which could provide assistance to them for educational training but no one steps forward to provide any kind of assistance to these talented children.

Some very skilled people are unable to start their

independent business and are forced to live a life

of hardships, however no organization exists which steps forward to help them or at least cooperated with them, it is not sufficient to extend our hand to help the needy, a suitable

institutional arrangement is required to redress the problems of such people, there are others who are hesitant to approach others for help,

attention must be paid to help these people

by establishing a community trust so that these

people do not suffer financial hardships, Prophet

Mohammed(pbuh) said that”the best among you is the one who extends help to others”.

By correcting ourselves we can help our Muslim

brothers and sisters and attain the goodwill of

Allah(swt) let us pray that Allah (swt) May help

every person so that he / she is able to pay

SADAQAH, ZAKAH, and Charity.

Dr.M.Shahid Siddiqi

Retired Tax Consultant

Author of several books on Canadian & US


Author of several books on Marketing, Finance &


Compiler of book series known as “ Ou Life In The Light Of Islam”.

Ex-President Institute Of Professional compilers

of Canada.

Co- Founder world Ageing Council-Turkey.

Honorary Advisory Board Member A.U. University.

Recipient 30 years of service to Humanity award

from Government of Canada & India.