Human Concern International  (HCI)Visits East Africa! By Mohamad Osman Noorani and Radia Ali, HCI Team


Human Concern International  (HCI)Visits East Africa! By Mohamad Osman Noorani and Radia Ali, HCI Team

This June the Director of Programs, Mohammed Noorani traveled to Kenya, and Somalia, to oversee projects supported by Human Concern International (HCI) and their impact on communities.

Human Concern International (HCI) is a charity organisation working in over 40 countries and having delivered $200 Million in aid. 

Water Well Projects in Kenya

First stop for Noorani was the Water well projects in the Tana River County in Kenya. Human concern International built four water wells this year in the villages Madhingini, Ziwani, Bulla Nyuki, and Bakkuyu to help communities in these villages get access to clean drinking water.  The communities can now access clean drinking water readily that otherwise, would have taken them a painstaking number of hours, in walking 2-3 KM daily just to get clean water.

School for Orphans in Somalia

Noorani then took a flight to Somalia. Nestled at Mudgog region in Somalia, Galkayo is a capital city of the north-central Mudug region of Somalia. Noorani traveled to Galkayo in Somalia and the first place he visited was the Mudug school for orphans. HCI supports the education of 70 orphans and has also funded the construction of the classrooms in this region. Many orphans have graduated from this school and have been admitted to universities. Getting an education in Somalia is difficult in itself, however this school provides golden opportunities for the students to have positive experiences in education and mentorship. The orphans feel safe and have the opportunity to aim for a bright future.

Building Bridges in remote places in Somalia

Noorani then made his way across the Indian Ocean. Beyond the ocean, 30 Km away from Mogadishu rests a small village hosting approximately a thousand families. The families thrive from their only source of income which is fishing.

HCI is helping this community by equipping them with resources needed to run fishing businesses. However, they still face many challenges, including poor infrastructure to take their catch to the market.

Their struggles do not end there, they continue to face obstacles every day in crossing the body of water to reach their homes. They also have to cross the body of the water just to get to a water well that is in the opposite direction from their homes. The bridge that exists to help them cross is unstable thus they resort to walking through the body of water just to get to the other end.

HCI is addressing these challenges. HCI will be rebuilding the bridge and building a pipe line which will link the water flow directly from the well to their homes. This would mean no more hurdles in crossing the body of water every time they need clean water.

Camps in Somalia

Next, Noorani made a visit to a camp in Mogadishu. Mogadishu is home to around half a million internal displaced people (IDP). People from all over Somalia have fled their homes due to conflict, drought, or famine, and taken refuge in IDP camps.

The crowd of people in the picture are new families that have arrived at this camp, escaping drought. Since they do not have appropriate shelter, sleep under the trees. The living conditions are very heart breaking. Old people and children, including infants, share the same fate of not possessing the daily comforts of something as simple as having a pillow or mattress.

We have launched our Qurbani campaign and we hope that they would benefit from our Qurbani/Zabiha project this year. However, we aim to do more than just distribute meat to the people. Our aim is to try and build more shelters, provide appropriate sleeping materials, give food baskets, as well as set up mobile health clinics. We hope you can join our cause and help make their lives better.

Noorani has several stops to make before he comes back to Canada with a handful of stories and an experience that could help HCI aim towards making more positive changes. We will be back with more of his journeys till then please donate to or make your sacrifice with us at to make a difference that will last.

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