AL-Hajj: Pilgrimage to the house of Allah(Swt) in Makkah, Dr Shahid Sissiqi, Ottawa


AL-HajjL Pilgrimage to the house of Allah(Swt) in Makkah, Dr Shahid Sissiqi, Ottawa

Hajj is obligatory  on those who possess the money for the journey. This very important pillar

of Islam, manifest a unique unity by dispelling all

differences, cultural or socio-economic, that may exist among Muslim brothers and sisters.

Muslims from all corners of the world responder

The call of Hajj in one voice and language:


Your service O Lord!), dresses in the same attire.

In Hajj there’s is an exercise of strict self discipline

and control where not only sacred things are revered, but even the life of plants and birds is made inviolable so that everything lives in safety.

“And he that venerates the sacred things of God,

It shall be better for him with his Lord”(22:30),

“And he that venerates the way marks of God,

It surely is from devotion of the heart.”(22:32).

Pilgrimage gives an opportunity to all Muslims

from all groups, classes, organizations, and Governments from all over the Muslim world to

meet annually I n a great congress where the

timing of this congregation yhas been predetermined by Allah(swt).

The invitation to attend is open to every Muslim

and no  one has the power to bar any one. Every

Muslim who attends is guaranteed infull saand

freedom as long as he himself does not violate other safety.

Thus worship in Islam, whether  ritual or non-ritual, trains the individual in such a way that he loves his Creator most and thereby gains an unyielding will and spirit to wipe out all evil and

Oppression from the human society and make the world of God dominant in the world.


Dr. M.Shahid Siddiqi

Retired Tax Consultant.

Author of several books in Canadians &

US wTaxes.

Author of several books on Finance, Budgeting &


Ex-President institute of professional compilers

of Canada.

Advisory Board Member A.U. University.

Co-Founder world Ageing Council-Turkey.

Recipient service to Humanity award from

Ontario Government & India.