New CBET University Scholarships: Bangladesh and Ottawa


Good news: CBET in 2019 introduced new CBET University Scholarships: Bangladesh and Ottawa.

From 2013 to 2019, during last 6 years CBET awarded 1200 scholarships in Bangladesh eh of $200 and 50 scholarships each of $500 in Ottawa, a total of $250,000.

in 2019 from Septemebr, CBET is awarding 25 scholraships in Bangladesh who are persuing 1st degree ina public university in Hounurs in Scinece, Engineering, Medical or Business studies each Taka 15,000 or $300.

Also CBET in 2019 Septemebr awarding 4 scholarships of each $750 to Carleton University and Ottawa Univerity through Bangladesh Student Assocaition and Muslim Students Assocaiions

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