A question to ask yourself, Morgan, Courtesy Masuma


A question to ask yourself, Morgan, Courtesy, Masuma

What would it look like to let go? What would it look like to begin this day as a brand new moment in time? You cannot erase the past, but you are free to live beyond it. You are free to go beyond the boundaries of all that led you here. Embrace a new perspective. Let yourself see all that lies before you in a new way. Let your heart be open to the possibility that today does not have to look like yesterday.

Even when you feel like so much is being asked of you, you are still free to let go. You do not have to bear every burden. You are allowed to do one thing at a time.


You are strong and you are capable of holding many things, but you do not have to hold all things at once. Even when others come to you with what they are going through, you do not have to always be the one running to try and solve everything. Sometimes, what that friends need is a listening ear. Sometimes, what that family member needs the most is someone to just sit and be present with them. Even when you feel the pressure, you do not have to sort everything out for everyone. You are allowed to just be present, and that alone could mean more than you may ever know.


Being present is an act of surrender. It is an act of letting go of the need to try and fix things that are not entirely up to you. Being present also involves trust. It involves trusting that even though something is out of your hands, that does not mean that the issue will never be solved or the problem will never be fixed. Remember, you are a part of a bigger picture. It’s not all on you, even when it feels that way. There are so many factors at play, and it is necessary for your own health to known when to let go and surrender.