Camel, a strange animal, among all other mammal animal, Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto


Camel, a strange animal, among all other mammal animal, Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto

Camel is an indispensible animal for  the inhabitant of desert for  their  transportation . It can withstand from + 53⁰C to – 1⁰ C. No other animal can withstand such a high temperature . It can drink 130 Liter water in 10 minutes & can store such a vast quantity of water in its body, which is not possible for other mammal animal . The blood cells of camel is oval shape not circular like other animal, elastic in nature which is very useful to consume & preserve huge quantity of water by this animal. If any other animal would drinks such a vast quantity of water  then their blood cells  would have been burst due to internal pressure. But there is a layer on the blood cell of camel, which can withstand such an enormous pressure which allows this animal to store huge  quantity of water in its body. It can travel several hundred Km  distance with 150 Kg load on its back. Camel eats plant like cactus having big thorn without any injury inside,  due to  special design of internal structure of its  mouth  & tongue  .

Most of the mammal have temperature 37⁰ C. When the temperature  of body  exceeds more than  40⁰ C , then organs like  brain, kidney , liver for normal animal faces damage . At 41⁰ C cells of body of normal animal are destroyed. At morning the  temperature of body of camel is 34⁰ C, Its body temperature may rise up to  41⁰ C without any damage of its essential organ. In case of other mammal when internal temperature of body is more than outside temperature, then heat is rejected from body by sweating which causes water loss, but this type of water loss does not happen for camel for its unique or special internal design of its body.

In the eye of camel there are two layers of petals which prevent sands to enter in their  eyes and make insulation to the flow of heat inside their eyes to protect it from overheating which may causes lack of moisture & these moisture is essential for the eyes.

There is special design of nostril of camel which   prevent water loss during its breathing .

Foot stepping of camel is in such a way so that two left side legs (front & rear ) move  together & then two  right side legs move together which is different from other four footed animal.

The hump of camel is not to preserve water but to store fat a portion of which is transformed to energy for the nourishment of its body & another portion of fat is converted to water  at the cost of reduction of the  size of its hump  , when it does not get any  food & water . The hump resumes  to  normal size again, when the camel get food according to its requirement. The camel can survive  without food & water  simultaneously  for about six months  which is not possible for any other mammal animal (Like Cow, Horse, Donkey, Elephant e.t.c. )  in the world .

Although there is example of Kangaroo which can survive without water for five years & Koala can survive without water for whole life but these animals get their water through gum leaves they eat.

Also there are examples of reptiles (Snake, Crocodile e.t.c. ) which can survive without food for longer times than that of a camel but reptiles are cold blooded animal which causes them to have very slow metabolism. This situation   is helpful for reptiles to survive without food for very long time.  But mammals are warm blooded animal, where metabolism occurs at  very high speed  ,  which prevents them to survive without food for longer time. Penguin  that belongs to bird group &  an  amphibian  , which is not a mammal can survive without food & water for long time ( About 120 days ).

Verse of Holy Quran related to special creation of camel or its unique creation

Sura  Ghashiyah 88/17 Do they ( Non-believers ) never reflect on the camels (Arabic-ebli ) and how they were created ?