Everything is in pair , Human relation/National  relation is in oscillation or is dynamic but   not Static, Enginer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto


Everything is in pair , Human relation/National  relation is in oscillation or is dynamic but   not Static, Enginer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto

Sura (Ya sin 36/36) “Holy is He Who created all things in pairs of what Earth grows, and of themselves, and other things which they do not know.”
Attention is to be given to the parts of the above verse “created all things in pair ” & “other things which they not know “. Created all things in pair means all visible characters in pair. “Which they do not know ” means all invisible pairs , which has been described below & undiscovered pairs, which will be discovered or noticed / visible / identified in future .

The relation between two similar/friend  character or opposite/enemy  character is dynamic not static.    Attractive/ integrating force  &  repulsive/ disintegrating force    exist simultaneously  between two similar/friend  character, which means attraction & repulsion is in pair.   Attraction is more stronger than   repulsion between two similar/friend  character. But both   attraction &  repulsion  is function of time , which means   attraction decreases &  repulsion  increases with time , that  results  repulsion more stronger  than attraction after certain time period  & finally the two friendly character is  transformed to two enemy character in case of human being.  The process  may reverse again in some situation & may repeats. Same logic may be applied between two enemy  character , which means  attraction &  repulsion  is active simultaneously , where repulsion  is more stronger than attraction  &  they are function of time also  ,which causes two enemy becomes two  friend after some time period & the process is reversed  again.  The oscillation of relation may be applicable to  parent- child , husband- wife,  two brother , two sister , two friend , brother  – sister , nation to nation etc.  In all cases the driving force is function of time &  in pair   & character is also in pair.

Human needs changes in different phase of life like child, youth, old age & at the same time in different field  of life like finance,  health , education  family bonding, social bonding etc, organizational structure that  involves profit/loss, enjoyment/suffering , seen /unseen etc,  & finally which results dynamic relation or oscillation of relation but not a  static relation .

Example of dynamic relation  or Oscillation of relation between  different Countries

China & Russia (Two similar character ) was friend before 1961  & they were transformed to enemy during  1961 to 1990. Then after 1990 they became friend again till today.  During the  creation of Israel in 1947 Saudi Arabia was opposing  Israel (Two enemy character )  , but after several years till today their relation  gradually changed to friendly relation. China – USA  (Two opposite character )  relation  was enemy  up to   1961, then was  transformed to friend during  1961 to 1990 . After 1990 China –USA relation becomes enemy till today. In the relation of  US – Israel (Two similar character)  ,  attraction & repulsion is active simultaneously where attraction is more stronger than repulsion, which results an oscillation of US foreign policy towards both  Arab countries & Israel.

The relation between China & India followed same course. After 1947 they were friend  for certain time period & then transformed to enemy afterward till today & in future it may reverse again.  In all cases the relation followed the above course, as national interest /human needs  related  to profit / loss (magnitude &  nature (attraction/repulsion )) of principal  driving force)  changes with time or in their life cycle.

The existence of attractive force & repulsive force together or in pair has been noticed in micro world & Macro world also. Attractive nuclear force & repulsive electrical force is active together in the nucleus of an atom where attractive  nuclear force is more stronger than repulsive electrical force in short range . Similarly proton- anti  proton, electron -anti electron , up quark – down quark are existing  in pair.  Man- woman or male- female pair   etc  exist in pair among  living organism . In Macro world  attractive gravitation force & repulsive centrifugal force exist together in Solar system or they are in pair.  In the Universe, attractive gravitation force & repulsive anti gravitation force is in pair & active simultaneously . Universe- anti Universe , matter-anti matter , dark matter –visible matter, transient state- steady state, cause-effect  ,constant-variable,  periodic event  –  non periodic event , provable-un provable in truth  etc.  also exist in pair. It is an Universal law of existence of  two opposite character in pair which is essential to maintain a balance in whole creation.

Truth has got two parts also . Any truth has got one portion is provable & another portion is un-provable.

For example , 2/2 =1, 19/19 = 1, or any nonzero number / same nonzero number = 1 which is provable , but 0/0 ≠  1 is un provable. That  means provable & un provable  parts  exist together in truth . (Here provable- un provable is in pair. )

The verse of Holy Quran related to above analysis

Sura Yasin 36/36 Holy is He Who created all things in pair, of what Earth grows & of themselves and other things , which they do not know.