HCI providing Kidney support for Women & Children in Bangladesh By Radia Ali, Toronto Office


HCI providing Kidney support for Women & Children in Bangladesh By Radia Ali, Toronto Office

HCI is at the forefront of making changes in the lives of the most vulnerable communities around the world. Among the vulnerable population are patients suffering from kidney diseases such as renal failure. HCI is trying to make a meaningful impact in the lives of Bangladeshi’s by providing facilities to cure people from kidney diseases.


Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is among the poorest countries that have high death rates due to renal failure. There is a huge demand for renal care facilities in Bangladesh. A study states that 66% of patients have no access to Hemodialysis (HD), treatment required for renal diseases (Rashid, 2014). Furthermore, the study also states that the percentage is not accurate as many patients from remote areas are not recorded in the study.


Kidney Foundation Hospital and Research Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Harun, 2014) states that if 200 patients per million population reach End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) per year, there would be approximately 30,000 new patients per year in Bangladesh (Rashid, 2014).

Thus, Bangladesh is highly in need of urgent renal care facilities.


Bangladesh has very few physicians and the cost of treatment in the country for children suffering from Kidney diseases is high. Besides that, very few dialysis units exist in the hospitals for the children. Children living in remote and disadvantaged area cannot afford or access the treatment.


What HCI does

Project Goals: 528 Children with Kidney injury and chronic renal failure in need of dialysis support are being admitted into Pediatric department of Dhaka Medical College.


Project Objectives:

  • Ensure the Machineries to the Hospitals
  • Ensure Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Provide Assistance to the children
  • Monitoring, Supervision & Reporting



Project long term plan:

By providing funding for equipment for dialysis support to kidney patients, HCI aims to decrease child mortality and physical disability rates in Bangladesh.





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