Executive Director of HCI visits the Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh! Radia Ali & Mahmuda Khan


Executive Director of HCI visits the Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh! Radia Ali & Mahmuda Khan

Our Director of Programs is often seen making it through thick and thin to shady, dangerous and unsafe areas just to see how projects are being implemented around the world. This December, our Director of Programs, Mohamed Noorani and Executive Director, Mahmuda Khan made it to the camps of Rohingya as well as the slums of Dhaka City in Bangladesh to directly talk to the people. What they found was astonishing. People all around the world is trying to make a safe place for the Rohingyas but they often forget the ones in need in the slums of the city. People in the slums of Dhaka were in poorer condition than the Rohingyas. Our Executive Director, Mahmuda Khan has many stories to share and here is a snippet of her journey to Rohingya camps in Bangladesh.

“Many of them saw their parents and relatives killed right in front of their eyes. They told us how their villages were burnt, and how they were beaten. These traumatic incidents have left a scar in their hearts that can only be healed by showing them love and care.

Above all, the Rohingya children are yearning for education, for a place to play and run. They WANT to go to school. But their childhood has been snatched from them, and their dreams were put on hold.

If you are sponsoring a child through HCI, know that you are now their parents. Your love and support means the world to them! HCI’s CSP covers the basic needs of these children, and opens up opportunities for education for them if possible.”


Mahmuda and the team then went to visit the temporary learning centres (TLC) that HCI built at the Rohingya camps. The TLC serves as a safe space for children. Here children receive schooling through innovative programs.

Mahmuda says, “During our visit, the children were learning numeracy  through digital technology. They dwindled away on their learning pads. Everyday 90 children come here to learn, all dressed up in a neat blue uniform.

We have built five TLC’s so far. But our aim is to build 50 more!