HCI builds solar-powered water wells in Somalia! By Radia Ali, HCI Toronto


HCI builds solar-powered water wells in Somalia! By Radia Ali, HCI Toronto

Human Concern International (HCI)  programs have been serving projects that cater to the needs of vulnerable communities around the world. Human Concern International has a strong focus on implementing sustainable projects. HCI is moving towards supporting vulnerable communities that can thrive on sustainable energy. One of the ways HCI is doing this is by helping communities in Somalia by building water wells powered by solar energy.

According to UNICEF, only 45% of the population in Somalia have access to clean drinking water. With around half of the population having access to improved water sources, this increases the chances of waterborne diseases. HCI is not only catering towards meeting the immediate needs of the communities but also addressing the issue of high maintenance costs. HCI is addressing the need by building water wells powered by solar energy.

The problem: Wells have a high maintenance cost that is associated with drilling of the borehole, procurement of diesel generator, electric water pumps, generator house, and elevated water tank. With so many communities in need of access to water, the high maintenance of water wells makes it difficult for communities to access clean water.

The solution: In order to find a solution to keep water wells running in the long term, HCI is building water wells powered by solar energy. HCI is building solar panels on existing wells in order to replace diesel generators. The wells will be operating with solar energy which is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. This will positively impact an estimated 3100 poor and rural households, the majority of whom are agro-pastoralists, who rely on the wells for clean and safe water to keep them healthy and sustain their livelihood.