video games and social media vs  sports and physical activity continue to play an active role in children’s lives. Jan Harder City Councillor


video games and social media vs  sports and physical activity continue to play an active role in children’s lives. Jan Harder City Councillor

In a world that has been taken over by technology, video games and social media, sports and physical activity continue to play an active role in children’s lives. Barrhaven is full of local athletic talent — both with organized and unorganized sports.


For many, playing street hockey or skating on an outdoor rink might be among some of the top highlights when looking back at their childhood. Drive around the community and this is still something you see taking place today. Today organized sports are becoming more popular and they are having a positive impact on our youth.


Participating in organized sports gives children time to interact with other kids and learn important social skills such as working with others and showing good sportsmanship. It teaches them how to manage their emotions during a hard loss and shows them how to take pride in their accomplishments after a win.


For parents who have children in organized sports, it is a great time for them to spend time with their children at cold ice rinks early in the morning, at basketball courts or soccer domes in the evening. This can be a time-consuming activity, but they do it to support their children’s love of the game.


Barrhaven has many local organized sports teams that have celebrated big wins over recent years including the Nepean Eagles who had their senior team become Ontario champions in 2019 and their intermediate team be crowned with the same title in the same year. That team also went on to be Canadian finalists.


In swimming, the Nepean Synchro club also had many wins in 2019, winning top 14-year-olds in their category, top junior tech team and junior tech duet, and had two swimmers win medals in the athletes with a disability category. The Nepean Wildcats Peewee AA hockey team also won a provincial championship last year.


All of these are just a few of the accomplishments Barrhaven youth played a role in during organized sports championships in 2019. They are now gearing up for spring tournaments, which if history proves to be right, will continue to see amazing wins.


But unorganized sports also play a large role in youths’ lives in Barrhaven. Just a quick walk or drive around your neighbourhood will prove that, with children playing soccer with their friends in the park or jumping rope on the pavement. This again is a great way for kids to build friendships, and on the plus side, it’s a lot more cost-efficient – with just the price of a ball, hockey stick or a frisbee.


Sports and physical activity also have an active presence in schools. While Phys ed is only mandatory until grade 9, many students choose to continue the course throughout their high school career. That is on top of many sports clubs and teams which the schools also offer. Longfields Davidson Heights had a very successful 2019 in sport, with their varsity boy’s hockey team winning the city championship in December and seven students going on to participate at OFSAA in June. At St. Mother Teresa, the school’s varsity girls’ basketball team recently landed in Victoria, British Columbia, for their tournament.


For all of Barrhaven’s youth success in sports, it would not have been possible if it was not forgetting their start on local ODR’s, basketball courts, and at sports facilities and swimming pools in Barrhaven. You as a community can continue to support these amazing up and coming athletes by going to their games and cheering them on. Support goes a long way when it comes to winning a game.