The New NAFTA – A Great Deal for Canadians, Chandra Arya – Member of Parliament / Député, Nepean


The New NAFTA – A Great Deal for Canadians, Chandra Arya – Member of Parliament / Député, Nepean

Since NAFTA was signed in 1993, total trade between Canada and the United States has more than doubled and trade between Canada and Mexico has grown nine-fold. This has raised the standard of living for people in all three countries.


For over a year, Canada worked hard to negotiate a modernized NAFTA that is good for Canadian workers, businesses, and communities across the country. The result is an agreement that protects Canadian jobs and provides economic opportunities for Canadian workers and businesses of all kinds from coast to coast to coast.


Our government’s efforts throughout the negotiation process to maintain certain protections also paid dividends. We were able to defend Canada’s supply management system from strong attempts to dismantle it; support our cultural industries by preserving our cultural exemption; and negotiate new, enforceable provisions on the environment, labour, and Indigenous and minority rights.

Critical for Canadian workers and certainty in Canada’s economy, the new NAFTA will preserve 99.9% tariff-free access to our largest trading partner and safeguard $2 billion a day in cross-border trade. It will ensure Canadian exports continue to be in high demand in the US, which will create jobs and grow Canadian businesses, in turn helping Canadians to support their families.


In Ontario, for example, a new NAFTA means job security for the thousands of autoworkers who depend on trade with our North American partners to support their jobs, communities, and families. This deal removes the threat of auto tariffs and protects crucial cross-border supply chains while significantly improving wages and labour rights for workers in all three countries.


This is a good deal for Canada as a whole, and in particular for all Canadians who depend on stable, reliable trade with our largest trading partners.



Chandra Arya – Member of Parliament / Député, Nepean


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