Positive side of micro virus, Dr Emdad Khan, Ottawa


Positive side of micro virus, Dr Emdad Khan, Ottawa

We say, challenges bring new opportunities.The invisible micro virus is controlling our day to day life as individual, family and community all over the world. But we can see several positive side effects.

Last few days, Ottawa few masjids like SNMC and AMA, made a new history, with city of Ottawa authorization, with loudspeakers call for Iftar and Maghrib prayer Azan from outside. The Azan is happening many, many cities all over the world including Europe, Australia New Zealand, Canada, beside traditional Muslim countries.

In those countries of western world, all major faith groups are becoming tolerant, working together and Muslims are getting due respect and recognition.

The neglected uncaring seniors in large cities of Canada are getting desired care and attention from health authorities including the employees who are caring for them.

The invisible micro virus is a trial and test for the humanity from the All Wise, the Almighty God. Let us all take lessons and be caring and humble to other human beings, God’s most honored Creation.