Human Being Objectives under Ramadan Fasting and Corona Virus, Dr Emdad Khan, Ottawa


Human Being Objectives under Ramadan Fasting and Corona Virus, Dr Emdad Khan, Ottawa

We as human being as individual, family, community, and country are all under the control of an invisible micro virus, the most powerful. We as Muslims are now fasting under the unusual situations, not able to do normal fasting and praying in our place of worship, Masjid.

We pondered, so as human beings what should be our objectives. We identified nine objectives, so we become a humble, caring human being and be able to fulfil the desired objectives of our Creator, the Almighty God. When we will leave this world, we will be pleased with Him and He will be pleased with us.

We have identified nine objectives. The first fives are briefly:

  1. To be closer to God the Almighty, by sacrificing our own desires but fulfilling the essential needs of other human being.
  2. To make the sacred book, Quran our daily friend, read, understand, and ponder and apply in day to day life.
  3. Be punctual with five daily prayers with full concentration and at night the optional night prayer to be close to God.
  4. Be generous by giving mandatory Zakat to grow and purify our wealth and also give goodly loan to God for the needy, orphans and vulnerable,
  5. Balancing charitable donation to places of worship, masjids such as SNMC, and human helping Charites for the needy and orphans, such as Red cross, UNICEF, Relief organization such as Islamic Relief, HCI, CBET, etc.

6th Forgiveness:

two examples from the Quran of character assassination of a) Ayesha Siddiqi, mother of believers by her own relative who used to get monthly allowance for her father first Khalif, Abu Bakr Al-Siddique. b) first conspiracy by Prophet Yusuf brothers and then by the wife of Egypt chief minister.

Both eventually Quran declares inn innocent and they forgive those wrong doers. Even Abu Bakr (RA) continued supporting the false accuser and Prophet Yousif, forgave and reconciled with his brothers.

So, in Ramadan and corn virus pandemic time, let us pardon, forgive and overlook the people falsely blamed or accused or try to do character assassination even if they are our friends, relative or community members.

If we forgive, we will be relieved of big burden from inside we will be free from stress. We will also be forgiven by Allah swt.

May Allah swt clean us all of our sins, short comings and make us close with our relatives and friends.

7th Love of Humanity and no hatred: God created us by His own hand and each one of us is important and has a purpose in life, and we will leave behind good legacy.

He created us to be diverse and inclusive and accept each other as we are and love each other. Let us love each human being. If we disagree, leave the final judgement to Him only.

8th Patience: We know God is with us, if we are patient and also patience is light. If we are angry, we lost the light and will do some thing wrong. Let us remember with every hardship is also ease, as God declares.

Also, problems and challenges bring new opportunities if we are a bit patient, we will see many new doors. Events as it happens is only 10%, how we handle is 90%.

Let us be patient with the test and trial of invisible micro virus, follow social distance and even being in isolation in home, God willing, we all be winners. We will see light; the tunnel is finishing soon.

9th: Dua/Supplication: Allah swt becomes happy and ready to give, if we ask from Him any time, any thing.  Let us pray for salvation for our parents, forefathers, our children, our next progeny, our relatives, neighbours, all believers for good things in this world and in the next world.

He forgives all of us, all mankind, and removes this invisible micro virus.

Let under corona virus, we all human beings become humble, no arrogancy, be generous and caring, spread love, stop hatred, be diverse and inclusive accept others as they are.

Let in the new immersing world order, we all human beings become humble and caring to all human beings ,  whatever ethnicity or faith or color or language, as creation of one Almighty God. Ameen.


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