Alien – An undiscovered mystery for all the Human being, Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto


An undiscovered mystery for all the Human being, Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto

Alien an extraterrestrial living creature is a greatest mystery of the present world & its related news appears in news media from time to time. No other planet except Earth can support living creatures in this Solar System. So if any alien appears in Earth it must be from another inhabitable planet /Heavenly body ,that belongs to another Star. Nearest Star is at a distance of little more than four light years distance from Earth. Nearest Earth like planet is at a distance of 12 light years distance from Earth. It is not possible to travel such a vast distance by any form of space craft,  in their life time without any other extraordinary arrangement to reduce the enormous distance like more than 10 light years. Then question arises how these alien appear at Earth from time to time?  Most probably  , they travel by their own space craft which moves  through wormhole from  their  Home planet/Heavenly body,  that belongs to another Star & the same  wormhole  is connected with planet Mars of  this Solar System. Possibly they have main landing station or celestial port in planet Mars of this Solar System for inter star movement through wormhole. Probably these alien moves from Mars to Earth by their own made space craft.  Also they may have principal base station in Earth (One of the probable place like Antarctica which is not inhabited by human being) from where they move by their own space craft to different places of Earth from time to time. The description here is imaginary, but it may be supported by following verses of last Holy Book, which is known as Holy Quran.

Sura – Shura 42/29 Among His Signs is the creation of Heavenly bodies (Shamawati) & Earth and all the living creatures (Arabic- dabbatin), He has dispersed throughout them : He has the power to gather them all together whenever He will.

The above verse of Holy Quran clearly indicates about existence of extraterrestrial living creatures or alien  in this Universe .

Sura Talaq 65/12 It is GOD Who created Earth like (Arabic-Mislahunna)  seven Heavenly bodies (shaba Shamawati)  &  Earth also.

Sura Muminun 23/17 We have created seven Paths/Roads (Arabic- Saba Taraeq- seven  wormhole) above you (Faokakum), We have never been unmindful of Our Creation . Sura 51/7

Sura Hadid 57/4 It was He Who created the Heavenly Bodies & earth in six construction periods & then ascended the throne . He knows what enters the Earth and what comes out of it , what descends from the sky & what ascends to it. He is with you wherever you are . He sees all that you do.

Living creatures (Arabic-Dabbatin) has been defined in following verse

Sura Nur 24/45 GOD created all living creatures (Dabbatin) from water . some crawl upon their bellies, others  walk on two legs  & others  walk on four . GOD creates, what He pleases. He has power over all things.

In Sura 42/29 it has been mentioned that  living creatures (Arabic -Dabbatin & Alien belongs to this group)  are located in Heavenly bodies (Samawati) but they are separated by such a vast distance so they cannot be united by their own desire,  but may be united when GOD  allows them  to meet  which is transmission of these living creatures through wormhole (path) which has been mentioned in sura 23/17 . Also subsequently it has been mentioned here “We have never been unmindful of Our creation “ means  GOD favour these living creatures  by creating wormholes or paths for traveling  in between Heavenly Bodies  (Arabic-Samawati) separated by enormous distance .

In the verse 23/17 It has been mentioned that “seven paths above you “  which may be considered as movement against gravitation pull of Sun in case of inter Star movement through wormhole & the next planet after Earth is Mars in outward direction from Sun.  So most probably Planet Mars has been connected by seven path (seven wormhole) to seven inhabitable Planets/seven  Heavenly Bodies that belongs to seven different Stars through which aliens are appearing  to Earth  .Atmosphere of Mars consist of CO₂ & oxygen can be produced from CO₂ very easily. Also there is ice in polar region which may be used to produce water &  which is very essential for the survival of living creatures . All these factors make Mars as alternate suitable home outside earth for alien . Most probably these aliens are inhabited inside the  mountains of Mars.

Wormhole – Definition : A wormhole could connect extremely long distances , such as a billion light years or more , short distances such as a few meters. Ref :  Google Search, Wormhole Wikipedia.

One Light year distance is 10 Trillion Km or 10 X 10 ^ 12 Km

Velocity of Light 300 , 000 Km /  Sec


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