Our Condolence for the Mother & 3 Kids Engr. Siraj Iqbal (Toronto) 


Our Condolence for the Mother & 3 Kids Engr. Siraj Iqbal (Toronto)


Our Condolence for the Young Mother & 3 Daughters…!

In this tragic accident in Brampton by the reckless driver…!!

Our Condolence & Sympathy for your husband & family…!

Our Condolence to your well wishers known & unknown equally…!!


We’re also parents victim of accidental death of our son, Isaac…!

Thirty two years ago, too early, at the age of ten…!!

It seems like the other day, fell from garage skylight…!

The day was Saturday, 23rd January, in a broad daylight…!!


Our tribute to the Mother, who was a School Teacher…!

Bright & promising, Karolina Ciasullo, doesn’t matter…!!

Isaac Jogues Catholic Elementary school in Brampton…!

You will be remembered in the heart of all parents & students…!!


Our tribute to your little kids, loveable…careable…!

Girls Klara, 6, Liliana, 4, and Mila, 1: un-comprehendsible…!!

All of the Mother & Children are in Eternal peace…!

All under the control of God & guidance of Angeles… !!


We have also daughter, Dr. Salikah, same age as the “Mother”…!

Running around for her Health Profession: Hospital & Clinics…!!

Mississauga to Scarborough, back & forth: a homemaker…!

With 2 kids: Mustafa, 9 & Mariam, 6 and 3rd to be Mother…!!


O! God! Bless the Mother & 3 kids: all innocents…!

Who died untimely, in an accident… Eternal peace…!!

Bring the culprit, reckless driver to justice…!

Give them realization, Life is more valuable than reckless driving…



Siraj Iqbal

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