Approved by city of Ottawa, Charity CBET Drive Through Lunch with children goodybags & Ballon on October 17, Saturday 11.30am at Ottawa Masjid Parking Lot


Charity CBET Drive Through Lunch with children goody bag & Ballon on October 17, Saturday 11.30am -1.00pm at Ottawa Masjid Parking Lot

Please Pick Up Charity  Lunch and Kids goody bags and exit

Approved by city of Ottawa

Post Covid -19 with new school year online/physical calls room for our children

For children and family fun drive Through  lunch on October 17, 2020 Saturday from 11.30am-m 1.00pm .Preregistration required with number of adults and no of children

Each  adult and each child  will receive a courtesy packed  lunch delivered in their car

they listen to speakers in the car a by tuning to FM 97.5MHZ frequency and  children  a goody bag and balloon at a family  filled program for the whole family.

This drive is lunch to support the education of needy and orphans in Ottawa and Bangladesh.  The event is sponsored by the following organizations, Ottawa Masjid, SNMC, KMA, HCI and IRC

Please confirm by registering in event brite

We will be delivering courtesy lunch to the car for every one and expect donation by cash or by card  or by etransfer to

We cannot change the world, but we can change the lives of one or more families for better. We can donate online at, $200 for one scholarship or any amount, even $20, by PayPal, MC and visa to sponsor one student. For All donations, CRA Tax receipts will be issued. or etransfer to

Authorization form the City of Ottawa for CBET October 17 SAturday DRive Through Chairy Lunch program at OMA Ottawa Masjid Parking Lot

On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 1:44 PM Khorrami, Myrka <> wrote:

Good Afternoon Dr. Khan

After reviewing all the information provided in your email, the Charity Drive Through Lunch event is following Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions. The Charity Drive Through Lunch event is permitted to proceed, however we would recommend to include signage for drivers on site to ensure drivers maintain a 2m distance between vehicles as per the distance requirements for drive-thru in the regulation.


Myrka Khorrami

Issues Management Specialist / Spécialiste de la gestion des enjeux