If The Year 2021,  Asma khan


If The Year 2021,  Asma khan

The countries of the world are watching pandemic wrath

IfCOVID-19 affected person touches or near someone, it is like the death penalty.

And his destination may be eternity.

From where did come the strange destruction?

Maybe fate. Hundreds of hundreds of untimely deaths,

At the loss of close one

The houses are under sorrow, grief and despair

And in a solitary home, no one to share.


Life is the most precious!!

For self-defense, cover the face with the mask,

Sanitize hand all day, dawn to dusk

Home! A solitary home, even the near one

Is two meters away, distance, makes us lonely alone!

In locked down, even energetic kids are the pathetic story seeds

Engraved in dead silence.


We hope soon the cure vaccine will come to market.

Fear, anxiety, and despair will light up in grey pocket

Maybe the pandemic will become dormant

Smoothen its vicious teeth and nails.

Many manuscripts of memory will be buried,

time will tell.


If the magic of technology can change the bend of the world’s future way

If love and affection recognize the greatness of human beings. May

Be it will end, the picture of the pandemic, dark night of current unjust cruelty.

It will restore harmony among people in a small town, a big city.


Then the morning will glow golden red.

Oh, God!! Forgive us, forgive us, forgive.

centuries-long wall of discrimination, and hatred

to believe in breaking.

In an uncertain time, In the congregation, in equality, in prayer

Hay!! Welcome!!! The Year 2021.