VF10 2021 CBET University Scholarship Application form with Students’ Guidelines


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VF10 2021 CBET University Scholarship Application form with Students’ Guidelines

[ Guidelines: Please first read carefully all the sections of the form before filling up]

  1. To be Eligible: Applicant successfully completed HSC or Equivalent Exam with Good Grade: and family Annual Income maximum: up to Taka Three Lacs
  2. The student should also receive CBET college scholarship, in previous years while studying HSC and got admitted to a new degree program in any public university in Science, Business/Commerce, Humanities/Arts, Engineering, Medical or Technical or Vocational, etc
  3. The University scholarships will be for 4 years, Taka 34,000., each year Taka 8,500, after successfully completing each year.
  4. Proper verification required from the authority of the university/department of study
  5. The Student will receive fund from Surovi, CBET representative in Dhaka,
  6. The Applicant should get recommendation from the previous college,
  7. Please download the 2021 CBET university scholarship form CBET website, CBET.ca. or if difficulty, send email to Surovi at surovi184@gmail.com  or

to CBET info@cbet.ca

  1. For any question regarding this scholarship application email to info@cbet.ca
  2. Please submit completed form to info@CBET.ca] by 1st April 2021. Better, apply early.
  3. Only a maximum of 25 students will be selected for university scholarships.
  4. Preference will be given to one student from one college in one subdistrict.


Section 1: Applicant Personal Information:

a)       Applicant’s Name  
b)      Gender: Male/Female  
c)       Date of birth: Day/Month/Year  
d)      Mobile phone no:  
e)      Degree Program (1st year) In University  
f)        Religion:  
g)       Current address:  
h)      Home Sub-district and District  






Section 2: Academic records

a)      Exam Name of College Year GPA Grade
HSC or Equivalent        
Name of College & year got CBET College Scholarship        
Current University

(Tick 1)

Science/Arts/Business Medical Engineering Vocational
Proof of admission

Registration office/ Department


Section 3: Family and financial information

a)       Mother’s name & occupation:  
b)      Father’s name & Occupation  
c)       Family’s Annual Income: [January-December 2020, certificate required}  

Section 4:  Your Family Income January 2020 to December 2020 [Certificate Required]

a)       2020 Family Annual income up Taka one lacs
b)      2020 Family Annual income between Taka one lacs to Taka two lacs
c)       2020 Family Annual income between Taka two lacs   to taka three lacs

Section 5: Please explain your education plan, and how CBET scholarship will help (100 words):











Section 7:  Student Declaration and Signature:

The information provided in this application is true and I have completed all sections myself.

Name and Signature Date

Section 8:  Checklist: (Please tick)

1. HSC or Equivalent Exam mark sheet submitted,  
2. Family income certificate submitted?  
3. Proof of Registration to the degree program  
5. Reference letter from previous college  
6. Reference Letter from Present university/ Department  
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