VF9 2021 CBET Scholarships Guidelines for Principals & College Committees


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 VF9 2021 CBET Scholarships Guidelines for Principals & College Committees

  • CBET, a Canadian registered charity run by volunteers, awards scholarships to students for college and university education.
  • To be Eligible for CBET college scholarships, students in SSC or Equivalent Exam got Minimum Grade B and family Annual Income maximum up to Taka Three Lacs.


  • SSC exam marksheets from college and Family Annual income certificate from (January- December 2020) from any professor at college or from any municipal ward council or union council or sub-district council required.
  • Student currently must be enrolled in HSC 1st year in Science, Humanities, Business or Technical or Vocational subjects.


  • CBET requests each college to form a 5- member CBET scholarship committee headed by Principal or Vice Principal. The college may select one of the members to be a guardian or parent of a student.
  • Each college will be awarded 5 scholarships from 7 applicants, each taka 11,000 in 2 instalments, 1st year Taka 5,000 and after being prompted, 2nd year, taka 6,000.


  • Out of 5, one scholarship is reserved for an orphan, who lost one or both parents.
  • After 2 years, if the student who gets CBET scholarships and get admitted to a degree program in any public universitas in Science, Business, Arts, Engineering or Medical or Technical, may apply for 4 years CBET University scholarships of Taka 34K.


  • The College is requested to invite open applications from all HSC first year students, after completing SSC or equivalent examination with minimum B grade, in Science, Humanities, Business, technical or vocal stream/group.
  • The College committee by open competition, will select 7 students from the College. As a policy, CBET in Canada will select 5 students for scholarships, from 7 Applicants.


  • 2021 CBET College Application forms has 9 sections. Section 8 and 9, to be filled up by the College Committee. Each student himself/ herself will fill up Sections 1 to 7 only.
  • If any student at this college, during last 3 years (2017, 2018, 2019), who got CBET college scholarships, or last year in 2020 got CBET University scholarships, are eligible to apply now, for 2021 CBET University scholarships, in prescribed CBET University scholarship form.


  • The college should invite applications for 2021 CBET University scholarships, who finished HSC in any group and got admitted to any degree program in any public university and use CBET University application form and last date of submission, 1st April 2021.
  • We request to publicize on the college Notice board, website, and Facebook to inform all the students about the 2021 CBET College & University scholarships.


  • CBET aims to reach all 450+ sub-districts in 60 districts. So, from each sub-district only one college will be selected for scholarship by alphabetic order or by lottery.
  • A new college from a new sub-district, in a new district will be given preference. A total of 60 colleges will be awarded 300 scholarships, each Taka 11,000.


  • 2021 CBET College/University Scholarships forms with students’ guidelines to be downloaded from CBET website. cbet.ca from  18 January 2021 on wards.
  • In case of difficulty of downloading, please send email to surovi184@gmail.com or info@CBET.ca to send forms or for further assistance.


  • Application forms to be submitted along with SSC (or Equivalent) marksheets and Family Annual Income certificate.
  • Students should submit applications to the college authority by 1st April 2021 Better Apply early.


21) The College authority submit the applications of selected 7 students application forms with supporting two documents by 8th April 2021 by email only to info@CBET.ca: in pdf (preference) or word form. Better apply early.

  • CBET Canada through its Dhaka supporting organization, Surovi, will send scholarships checks and certificates in the name of individual students with standard format for the Award ceremony banner in due course of time.


  • The college should hold CBET scholarship award ceremony for the 1stand 2nd instalment to hand over scholarship certificates and cheques within a month after the receipt of the cheques and send three pictures (one with all 5 students) or a video to Surovi and quality one-minute video of two students in English to Surovi.
  • CBET will publish special newsletter update for 2021 scholarships. CBET may also post by admin only scholarship update in WhatsApp group.


  • For any query or questions, please send email to info@CBET.ca

Dr Emdad Khan, President, CBET.


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