Eid Al-Fitr will be inshaAllah on Thursday May 13 – Ottawa Gatineau Imam Council Declaration


Ottawa Gatineau Imam Council Declaration, inshaAllah Eid Alfitr  will be on Thursay May 13 2021.

Good  thing is Saudi Arabia ia also celebrating Eid Al-Fitr on Thursday after complteing 30th Ramadan and as no moon was sighted on Tuesday May 11 2021

The moonsighting.com,  also showed  Cresent will be visible only on Wednesday in North America.

InshaAllah, SNMC, as usual, will have 9 Eid prayers and Takbirs, each prayer only 10 people at SNMC masjid at 3020 Woodroffe Ave. 1st Prayer will be at 7.30am and after 30 minnutes, at 8pm will be 2nd one.Gap between each praer willbe 30 minutes

Alternative, Do Eid Prayer at home with family members.Becuae of locked dwon and stay home order, we can pray at home with family mmebrs and the son or fater can be imam and pray 2 rakah with 6/12 Tabirs as regular praer.  1fer start before staring sura Fateha, give 3 or 6 extra tabirs and afteer finshing 2nd rakah, before going to Ruku give anter 3 or 6 extra tabirs

The Khubah is like jumah Khutbah but , after performign prayer unlike jumah, when khutbah is before praer.