8th Annual CBET Picnic Completed


Dear Brothers, Sisters, Kids, Assalamu Alaikum,

On behalf of CBET, we’d like to thank all the guests for coming to the 8th annual CBET picnic. We had around 180 guests, from many different ethnicities—including our MP Chandra Arya. The expenses for the picnic were $2,500 and we raised $3,500 in CBET donations.

Here are some thoughts of the picnic from one of our summer interns: “My name is Afra Ali and I am the fundraising campaign organizer for the CBET summer 2021 student employment program. My tasks include creating online campaigns, finding new ways to collect donations, and bringing awareness to CBET’s values as a non-profit charity organization. The CBET picnic held on July 25 was a success as we had many guests and important figures attend the event. I worked with three other team members to prepare various games and activities at the picnic. To prepare, my team members and I would hold weekly meetings to discuss our plan, schedule and budget. We spent a day purchasing gifts and games for the children. On the day of the picnic, my team members and I arrived early to help set up tables, chairs, and signs. During lunchtime, I handed out boxes of food and water to each guest as well as socialized with everyone to make sure they all felt included. I was very impressed by the time management of the CBET team. There was a good amount of time to eat, socialize, play, etc. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and appreciate the hard work of our countless volunteers. I had a wonderful time and I am excited for CBET’s next event!”

Once again, thank you for coming and we hope to see you again next year.