Canada Politics and Immigrants, by Dr. Emdad Khan


Canada Politics and Immigrants, Dr. Emdad Khan

We are primarily immigrants and busy getting established in Canada.

We are busy with our jobs, family, and children’s education.

Many of us back home have not pleasant experience with elections. But Canada’s election is fair and transparent.

It is useful to note that many South Asians are gradually participating in politics, and we see federal, provincial, and city elections, they are participating and getting elected. Gradually, Arab immigrants are also joining politics.

In the 2015 and 2019 federal elections, immigrants participated in great numbers compared to earlier federal elections. In both elections, we see immigrants and Muslims get elected in sizable numbers; in the range of 30 to 50.

The 2021 Federal Election is coming soon! Are we ready as immigrants and Muslims?

We all, as voters, need to be active and organized. We must be strategic, with broader goals

We require wisdom, patience, and organization skills. We have challenges, Islamophobia was there and will be there, we must work with neighbors, co-workers, among our communities.

Also, we need to work with the city, provincial and federal politicians.

We all need to be on Twitter, FB, Instagram and follow city, provincial, and federal politicians of liberal, conservative, and NDP. Social media is a powerful tool.

We require wisdom to organize, be active in the community and federal ridings.

Let us engage with federal politicians: Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green. Our engagement should be with all the parties, but we may vote based on overall strategy.

After the recent conflict in Palestine, all 4 parties had some impact in Canada.

The same is true in the USA, same is true in Europe.

So let us all start as active alert citizens, now is the time to get engaged and remember Twitter and other social media are effective tools at the fingertips of all of us. Let us as immigrants be successful in politics. as in professional fields.