Grateful, Asma Khan


Grateful, Asma Khan

The ambulance leaves with flashing lights and siren

Inside you, going into exile at the hospital

Breathe, breathe, breathe, Oh! Life saving Oxygen

ER and ICU doctors, colored lines and data screen wall.


After a month when you awake, this is not YOU!!!

Your body is not in your control, the challenge is new.

What you wanted to do or what you have done

In this life span GONE!

Forgive, Oh! Lord, forgive us, for our sins

Nobody dies until they are destined.  For a new beginning 

Thank God.


To build a bridge with your past

When doctor ask:

You know your name, date of birth, day, month, year

Your dear family, friends, who showered you with love and prayers.


Through the hospital window you can see the sky, pale blue

Your expert doctors want to fix you, looking for a magic clue


Somehow – it has worked out, from exile,

you come home. Walk with a walker

When a baby walks with walker, mother’s love showers 

Love always flows downwards, like a river stream.


Sometimes, the river takes a U-turn, and goes up. 


You are in that bend,

But help comes from near, comes from far end.


Suddenly your empty nest becomes full


Perhaps, this is the mystery of life, destiny, and fate

Forget the past, go ahead, open life’s new gate

First, be strong in your belief, and put your trust

Be patient, tell everyone you are so grateful!

GOD is very near to us!!