Caregiver and Sickness, Dr Emdad Khan


Caregivers and Sickness, Dr Emdad Khan

Allah SWT as a test give sickness to believers. Whoever accept the sickness happily like prophet Ayyub AHS, He SWT enhances their status. He tests as in the Quran the selected best human beings, some of the prophets (most notable is prophet Ayyub AHS).
Some scholars suggested the sickness is the manifestation of love from Allah SWT.
Also, the sickness of a friend or a relative allows others to get a reward from Allah SWT by taking care of the sick. The hadith says, in summary, “I was sick, you did not visit me. On query, Allah SWT will clarify, such and such was sick, if you cared and visited him/her, you would find me there”.

In this age of Covid-19 and anxiety and other non-Covid-19 sicknesses, the duty of caretaker is more important. While we care for the sick, and elderly, it is important, as caregivers, we also seek support for getting more friends, relatives, and community members to get involved.

If we have only a few people taking care of a sick relative, it will be more challenging. The caretaker will get burned out, exhausted and he or she will become sick, creating ripple effects.

So, we request the caregiver to seek upfront help from extended family, friends, and community members.

This will have double benefits: the new caretakers will get hasanah, the load will be reduced, and families and community will benefit, as a caring community.

We also, from extended family, friends, and community members should look at our circles and extend our hands as caregivers. If some family members, relatives, or community members do not participate in taking care, because of past events or negligence, they will have to account for that. May Allah protect us from these mean-minded persons.

Let us serve the sick and Allah SWT will love us and enhance our status here and hereafter, in turn, peace and harmony will prevail in families and communities.