Truth & Reconciliation -3: Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Siraj Iqbal


Truth & Reconciliation -3: Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

By: S B M Iqbal (Toronto) Jan. 12, 2022
The Truth of the facts are: Rohingya Muslims are “no where”…!
The Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been for ages…!!
But, they’ve been denied for the Citizenship of Myanmar…!
They’re tortured, brutally killed & displaced to Bangladesh…!!
The Truth of the facts are: Rohingyas are in Arkansas…!
They had Government of their own Province…!!
Now, they’re treated like in-humans, boat people…!
In cyclones, tidal bores & tornadoes, refugees…!!
The Truth of the facts are: How long can Rohingyas like this…?
How long can these refugees stay in Bangladesh…??
Recently, Bangladesh Govt. has given shelter in Chormonai… !
But, for how long? Bangladesh has it’s own problems & aspirations… !!
The Truth of the facts are: International Communities are silent…!
India-China are busy to protect their own interests…!!
India, themselves are threatening for ethnic cleansing…!
China, themselves are suppressing, torturing Uyghur Muslims…!!
The Truth of the facts are: Countries like U.S., Canada, Europe are reluctant…!
If today, Rohingyas would be other ethnic group…!!
Superpowers would jump on some solutions…!
There would be U.N.O. negotiators, even use muscle power…!!
O! Allah! You created every body, all ethnic groups…!
With faiths & aethists under the same blue sky…  !!
Protect them equally with their rights and basics…!
Nourish them whether they’re religious and/or non-religious…!!
Siraj Iqbal