10th CBET Annual Courtesy Family Iftar Dinner, Sunday April 10th – Register number of guests by 5th April by texting to 613-725-5926 or by email to info@cbet.ca


Dear Brothers, Sisters, please plan to join the 10th CBET Annual Family Iftar and Dinner at SNMC, on Sunday, April 10th.

Last date to register with number of guests is Tuesday, April 5th by texting to 613-725-5926 and by email to info@cbet.ca

CBET requests all of us to be generous in the month of Ramadan, month of charity for needy an dorphans, month of forgiveness and month of reconcilation.

Please give a portion of our yearly Zakat, Sadaqa or earning money to CBET to provide scholarships. By donating $200 we can sponsor one scholarship.