Eid Mubarak, Asma khan


Eid Mubarak, Asma khan

‘Shawal’ crescent in evening sky

Dimond stars festive eye

Eid declared in Muslims doors

Ramadan changed habits to the core

Time to celebrate, time to grow

Time to connect past with better tomorrow.


Eid Mubarak!!! Sparkle of joy!!!

Festive clothes, amazing feast, amusing toys

Honor the day with common prayer

Share the happiness with family, neighbour

and friends who care

Spark the joy in layer, in every layer.


People are form, shaped where they grow

In a mosaic community, each one will show

Rhythm of their culture, to find common ground

Binding together to recognize the values, songs and sound.


War, pandemic, death disaster time uncertain

Yet, we have memories in our heart, in our brain

Understand the magical bond in celebrating together

Remembering those who loved us, that points remain.