Transition House, Dr. Emdad Khan


Transition House, Dr. Emdad Khan.

As Muslims, we have to prepare for two houses: a house in Dunya and a house in Jannah. In between, we have for a very long-time transition house in the grave.

During this 2022, Ramadan let us think, how many of us, who were during last Ramadan with us, now no more with us. Again think, how many of us will be here and how many will not be here during next Ramadan

So let us work and prepare the questions we will face in our graves. Let us prepare now, so we will be able to answer those questions.

We should think and may prepare, so our grave becomes lighted, not dark.  Prepare, so our grave becomes a garden of Jannah, and we are excused of the torment of the grave.

First step to be punctual in our daily five prayers, as hadith says, prayer will protect the person from the torment in the grave. Second, make the Quran our daily friend and the Quran will plead for us in the grave as well as on the day of judgement. Third, we make sure we protect and safeguard the rights of others.

Fourth, be part of a charity organization, and help orphans and the needy.

Finally let us make a habit to recite Ayat Al Kursi after each salah and at bed and forgive everyone before going to bed.