This is a story that vehemently unite the forces against Islam and Muslims, Farook Aman


Written by: Farook Aman

This is a story that vehemently unite the forces against Islam and Muslims. It is a story that justifies the glorified hearts of Non-Muslims. 

Evidently, it also sheds the bright light of civility and kindness of many Non-Muslims. Not to forget that it also adds to the scar-tissue that inflicts daily injury to the reputation of a nation of Islam because of the senseless action(s) of a small group of individuals who, in the name of Almighty Allah and Islam, mercilessly would kill, maim and torture innocent human beings.

I decided to author this article after I grasped the events of this real life story, which I detail below. I concur with the content of my above-mentioned introduction. As the reader continues to read this article, he /she will understand why I question some of our Muslim’s action(s)? I also concur with the fact that some evil individuals who shamelessly identify themselves as Muslims deserve to be on the receiving end of the world’s wrath and that of God’s too..

But why would I side with the wrath against some of my fellow Muslims. Sadly, I shall justify or qualify why I present a negative view about some members of our beloved nation through the magnified eye of reality?

Hence, I am a strong believer that a small minority group of evil individuals, no matter what religion or faith they may claim to follow, could easily hijack a nation and cause irreparable damage to the decent and peaceful majority.

The story starts with a Japanese Journalist, named Shinsoki Hashida, who was assigned in 2004 to cover the war in Fallujah, Iraq. 

While on duty experiencing the regular fall of bombs and other explosives every second around him, he witnessed a severe injury due to a tiny shrapnel which settled inside the eye of a young 9 years old Arab boy, named Mohamed Haitham. The Injured boy was in agony with virtually no one around to help him. Hashida took it upon himself to come to the swift aide of the young Arab boy.

Blood was gushing and splashed all over the innocent face of Mohamed. Hashida instantly knew the gravity of the situation; such eye injury would usually lead to blindness, unless urgent proper medical attention is taken.

He instantly helped Mohamed and took him to his family. He promised them that he would come back and take Mohamed to Japan for treatment. At the time, most, if not all Iraqi Eye Specialists and Surgeons, fled Iraq fearing for their lives and the lives of their respective children and family members. It was evidently reported in 2003, that many of these doctors were subjected to vicious kidnappings, extortion as they were forced to pay heavy ransom or suffer torture or even death. Injured Mohamed had absolutely no chance or hope to have an immediate proper medical attention. Hashida, determined to take care of Mohamed, he made several contacts to the authorities in Japan in an attempt to bring Mohamed to Japan for medical attention and to convince them to absorb all associated cost and relevant expenses.

Hashida was delighted when he promptly received the good news of approval from the Japanese authorities. He wanted to share the good news with Mohamed’s family to commence the process of travel to Japan. He headed with his uncle, who was also a journalist, to Mohamed’s family. However, unfortunately bad luck was to dictate its bitter reality. A group of face-masked road-block members of 

Al-Qaida intercepted 

Hashida and his uncle. Mercilessly, Hashida and his uncle, who was 65 years old, were murdered, before reaching Mohamed’s family resident.

The sudden sad and shocking news of the death of Hashida and his uncle reached Japan. (This is where I hope that I will be able to convey the detailed message of the Japanese revenge.) 

Instead of calling for revenge, as most would in our communities, the Japanese did the unthinkable. They turned 360 degrees and chose 


The events of this story is heavily loaded emotionally. I felt that we could behave with mercy as the message of Prophet Mohamed directed us to do. In this case, it is the Non-Muslim Japanese, who got the blessings of proving to the world how merciful a nation they are. This is how they responded to the murder of their sons, Hashida and his uncle:

First, the Japanese Government, with the collaboration of the Iraqi Ministry of Health, established a fund to build a hospital in Iraq, fully equipped with State-of- the-Art medical equipment, relevant medical gadgets and small machines to treat cancer patients, supervised by the United Nations. The Multi Million Dollars hospital project in Fallujah, commenced operation in 2013 with 30 highly specialized medical doctors. It still operates to this day..

Second, the family of Hashida was not willing either to adopt revenge over mercy for the murder of their sons. Instead, they decided to fulfil the promise of their son’s, Hashida, to bring the injured Arab boy, Mohamed Haitham, to Japan for proper eye intervention. Within a month after the murder of Hashida and his uncle, the little boy, Mohamed was already enjoying his much improved eye vision. He is now enjoying his youth and renewed hope for life. Imagine how gratified Mohamed would be to God and then to his new friends, the Japanese?

Third, the widow of Hashida was not fully convinced to end her husband’s loss and mourning at that point. She also established a fund in the name of her late husband, the proceeds of which would go to the benefit of the children of Iraq. Indeed, this project was the starting inspirational point for the Japanese government to build the above-mentioned hospital in Iraq.

Should I mention how awfully ugly and merciless are these Japanese and the manner with which they were determined to take their revenge or should I commend and thank them instead? They are a nation who were not honored with Prophets or Messengers from God, or even enjoy the dedication and wisdom of Imams who run holy mosques, or have devoted tribes’ leaders to promote the merciful religion of Islam; they (Japanese) are truly criminals and infidels, butchering humanity, (the opposite is true) !!

Some might wonder how come Muslims remain way behind while other non-Muslims successfully proceed forward? Why most of their ( Non-Muslims) people (men, women and children) remain peaceful and devoted to peace, mercy and ready to help, while we 

Muslims evidently struggle as we are denounced, defeated and failed by our own so-called Muslim leaders? Why are we unjustifiably encouraged to criticize, spy and hate one another, while they ( Non Muslims in this case) even fulfil the promise of their dead loved ones in the face of shocking and sad reality? Why they have leaders and politicians who serve the nation (and would even honorably take their life) when they commit a grave mistake, while we, as a nation who are openly and shamelessly subjected to theft and corruption by our leaders and politicians, supported and glorified by the “yes sir, small pussy cat circle ?” and coward fat-bellied palace consultants.

To end, I pray that may Almighty God bless the soul of Hashida, his uncle, his family, his nation and his government. 

While I emphasis that the great majority of Muslims are no doubt merciful and peaceful, the small vicious and vocal minority war Mongols cause us the unnecessary headache, shame and blood of innocent victims in our hands. Muslims at large suffer the action(s) of these small fanatic groups of individuals and drag our good Muslim name to the gutter.  

One would wonder : Who deserves to enter Paradise and who should be thrown in the Hell Fire?