Working from home and Accountability, Dr. Emdad Khan


Alhamdu Lillah many of us these days working from home

So, we are away from the oversight of the boss?

But how is accountability works?

We email, call, submit reports and we may not see each other but we maintain accountability and boss gets his job down and we both maintain two-way communications.

Now think of our Creator, he has given us life assignments and our first test questions are already given. On His behalf two angels will ask you the 3 questions and we all know about it.

So, as we work from home and maintain two-way communication with our boss, let us also maintain our two communications with our Creator to whom we will all return.

May Allah make it easy when we meet Him, He is pleased, and we are also pleased, and we prepare to Answer the three known Questions.  Ameen

With Salaam and Regards,

Emdad Khan