CBET 2022 Bangladesh Scholarships


In 2022 CBET awarded, with the support of our generous donors, 281 scholarships to college students in the pre-university grades of 11 and 12 each $251 and 181 1st year public university  students scholarships, each $600 in 4 instalments.

Over the last 10 years CBET offered over 3000 students in Bangladesh each $250 for pre-university grade 11 and 122  (college) students and over  300 university students each $600.

CBET also awarded over 150 students in Ottawa Gatineau via Algonquin College, Carleton University and University of Ottawa and Local High schools, $1,000/$750  for University students and $500 for high school students.

We thank CBET donors and CBET volunteers and management team for supporting orphans and needy education.

Please think about sponsoring a scholarship of $250 by eTransfer to info@cbet.ca or online at www.cbet.ca.