2022 CBET Ottawa Gatineau High School Scholarships


Guidance councilors in Ottawa Gatineau area high schools can select a graduating student to receive a scholarship of $500 from CBET.

Please follow the steps below.

1. Scholarship amount is $500 CAD per year (one recipient per High School in Ottawa)
2. Recipient is selected by the School based on the following criteria:
2.1. Financial necessity
2.2. Community volunteering activity
2.3. Good academic standing (at least grade B)
3. There is no need to submit any application form or documentation of selection to CBET
4. Upon selection, School is only required to send the Name, Grade, Address and Contact Information of the Scholarship Recipient to CBET by email at info@cbet.ca (with cc to dremdadkhan@gmail.commuzaddidsarker@yahoo.commoslem.uddin@gmail.com)
5. CBET will issue the cheque on Recipient’s name or School’s name and mail it to the Student or to the School as suggested (please provide appropriate mailing name and address)
6. It would be appreciated if the School obtains a note or a short video from the Recipient about the benefit of this Scholarship and send that to CBET
7. The School or OCDSB is required to issue the T4A slip to the Recipient for CRA tax purposes

Please email info@cbet.ca for questions or concerns.