Diversity and Inclusivity, Dr. Emdad Khan


Diversity and Inclusivity, Dr. Emdad Khan

Canada is diverse and inclusive. Canadians have fundamental rights of freedom, where one can speak his language and practice his religion and culture.

Here is a firsthand experience from Scarborough in greater Toronto.

Almost one in 10 Canadians live in greater Toronto, where the population of Canada stands currently at about, 38 million.

Recently (August 2022), we stayed as a guest with one of our relatives in Scarborough, in greater Toronto. We used to walk every morning in the neighborhood.

We knew and were really surprised seeing the diversity in action. Probably nearly 95% of the people were colored, brown, black, etc. and we hardly saw any one other than the so-called visible/ invisible minority. It is beyond doubt, the previous non white visible minorities are now majority in Greater Toronto.

Alhamdu Lillah, Canada is officially multicultural, encourages diversity and inclusive society. We are fortunate to have the ability to practice our own religion, culture, and languages.

We are also happy to note the diverse ethnic and religious people, own houses, have good degrees, good jobs and are law abiding and contributing citizens.

May Allah make us happy, peaceful, law-abiding citizens and help us to keep our identity as good Canadian citizens. Ameen