Family Life Objectives, Goals and Success, Dr. Emdad Khan


Family Life Objectives, Goals and Success, Dr Emdad Khan

Let us define yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily activities and success criteria.

Mom and dad work /manage the house, children’s school, homework, after school activities, sports, etc. How do we measure success?

Let us have 5 days daily routines and 2 days weekend routines.

For each family member, we can define daily, weekly, monthly success criteria based on objectives and goals. On a monthly basis, each one can count success for 30 days, say at least 5 criteria daily.

It may make us goal and object oriented. We can do normal activities, sports, Quran, homework, going to masjid, maintaining school assignments, sports, after school, etc.

We are sure many of us have some form of routine for days, weeks and months. Let us focus on daily and weekly plans, in 52 weeks it becomes a year. If we can work 5 weekdays and 2 weekends, then week by week we can adjust for our success criteria.

Let us divide daily activities in 5 segments.

Work segment, home segments, groceries, doctors, recreation, social, faith, children, parents. Once we have a daily plan and before going to bed, we can define how each segment was completed. We can have A, B, C, D and incomplete. Also, we can measure each category

May Allah make our daily and weekly, monthly and yearly plan workable and successful. Ameen